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Top 20 baby names in Quebec for 2015

Did your baby's name make it into the list of the most popular baby names in Quebec?

By Today's Parent

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This list of the most popular baby names in Quebec is based on provincial government statistics. Check back for the most popular names in the rest of the provinces and territories.


1. Thomas A twin

2. William Strong-willed warrior

3. Liam Strong-willed warrior

4. Jacob Supplanter

5. Felix Happy and prosperous

6. Nathan He gave

7. Logan From the hollow

8. Samuel His name is God

9. Alexis Defender of the people

10. Olivier Olive tree

11. Noah Rest, peace

12. Raphael God has healed

13. Gabriel God is my strength

14. Emile To strive or excel or rival

15. Leo Lion

16. Antoine Of unknown meaning

17. Charles Free man

18. Benjamin Son of my right hand

19. Adam Man, Of the Earth

20. Edouard Wealthy guardian


1. Emma Universal

2. Lea Weary

3. Alice Of a noble kin

4. Olivia Elf army

5. Florence Prosperous, flowering

6. Zoe Life

7. Chloe Verdant and blooming

8. Beatrice Bringer of joy

9. Charlotte Free

10. Rosalie Rose

11. Jade Green gemstone

12. Juliette Youthful, downy

13. Eva Giver of life

14. Sofia Wisdom

15. Camille Perfect

16. Victoria Winner, Conqueror

17. Charlie Free man

18. Mia Of the sea or bitter

19. Romy Rosemary or person from Rome

20. Laurence Laurel

This article was originally published on Jan 13, 2016