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Top 20 baby names in Manitoba for 2015

Here are the most popular baby names in Manitoba.

By Today's Parent

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Looking for some baby name inspiration? Maybe one of Manitoba's top names is the right name for your little one. See our list below based on government statistics. We'll be adding more province lists soon.


1. Emma Universal

2. Olivia Elf Army

3. Emily To Strive or Excel or Rival

4. Hannah Grace

5. Ava Like a Bird

6. Chloe Verdant and blooming

7. Sophia Wisdom

8. Avery Elf Ruler

9. Abigail Joy of the Father

10. Amelia To Strive or Excel or Rival

11. Lily Lily Flower

12. Scarlett Red

13. Charlotte Free

14. Quinn Descendent of Conn

15. Mia Of the Sea or Bitter

16. Isabella God is my Oath

17. Aria Air; lioness

18. Zoey Life

19. Brooklyn New York Borough

20. Ella Young Girl


1. Liam Strong-willed warrior

2. Lucas From Lucania

3. Mason Stone worker

4. Logan From the hollow

5. James Supplanter

6. Jacob Supplanter

7. Owen Desire Born

8. William Strong-willed Warrior

9. Alexander Defender of the People

10. Oliver Elf army

11. Hunter One Who Hunts

12. Ethan Firm, Strong

13. Noah Rest, Peace

14. Benjamin Son of my Right Hand

15. Jack Diminutive form of John or Jackson

16. Jackson/Jaxon Son of Jack

17. Aiden Little fire

18. Elijah God the Lord

19. Luke From Lucania

20. Carter Driver of a Cart