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RECALL: Children's jewellery

Two recalls for Canadian families involving jewellery have just been announced. The products contain unsafe amounts of toxic metals. Learn more about kids' jewellery safety.

By Today's Parent

jewellery-recall-2It's important to use caution when purchasing children's metallic jewellery. We've been receiving notices of several recalls due to excess led and cadmium. The most recent are as follows (with links to the Health Canada notices):


The recalled items have been found to contain excess amounts of lead and cadmium, which are extremely toxic to children in excessive amounts. According to Health Canada, exposure to lead and cadmium can cause such symptoms as anemia, vomiting, diarrhea and possibly fatal symptoms related to the brain, liver, kidneys, heart and immune system.

Please see the Government of Canada website Lead and cadmium in children's jewellery for more information.

If you have Créations DPR rings: Discard them immediately.

If you have Accessoires Rose Nanane jewellery: Take it away from your kids, and contact the company to have the metal label removed at 1-514-524-6165 or