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Recall: All children's and adult Allerject auto-injectors

Attention parents and parents of kids with severe allergies: A major recall of all Allerject auto-injectors is underway due to issues that may prevent them from working properly.

Allerject recall Canada Photo: Health Canada

Health Canada has announced a recall of all lots of Allerject, a single-use, pre-filled epinephrine auto-injector, made for both kids and adults who have severe allergies.

The following products are affected:

  • Allerject Pre-filled Autoinjector (DIN02382059 – 0.15mg/0.15mL epinephrine).
  • Allerject Pre-filled Autoinjector (DIN02382067 – 0.3mg/0.3mL epinephrine).

The recall was issued by Sanofi-aventis Canada, Inc., in consultation with Health Canada, "due to issues that may potentially affect the delivery of the required amount of the drug, epinephrine," according to Health Canada's notice. This poses a serious health risk because epinephrine is required to treat anaphylaxis, a potentially deadly emergency allergic reaction.

Sanofi previously recalled two lots of children's Allerject after they discovered a serious manufacturing defect in the needle that may prevent the epinephrine from being injected properly.

What you should do if you or your child uses Allerject?


You should contact your pharmacy to arrange returning the recalled Allerject product and getting a replacement epinephrine auto-injector in the same dose. Be sure to talk to your pharmacist about how to use the new injector, in case it's different from the one you returned.

Because of the nature of this recall and the need to manage supply of other auto-injector products, Health Canada is requesting that each person who uses Allerject only replace one unit, or the number of units your healthcare provider suggests, for the time being.

This article was originally published on Oct 29, 2015

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