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RECALL: Ganz Grumpy Cat

A recall has been announced involving Ganz Grumpy Cat plush toys and key clips.

By Today's Parent

Health Canada has announced a recall involving Ganz Grumpy Cat key clips and plush toys. The toy's eyes can detach—posing a choking hazard to little ones.

The affected products include batch numbers 86754 and 224861 of the following items: Grumpy Cat 8" laying Grumpy Cat 5" Sitting Grumpy Cat Key Clip

Ganz Grumpy Cat dolls were on the market from November 2013 to January 2014. There have been six reports of eyes falling out and thankfully no injuries.

If you have any of these products: Check the tag for the batch number. If your batch number has been recalled, take away the toy, and contact Ganz to get a new one: Call 1-800-263-2311.

We have to admit he's pretty cute...!

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