Get the look: Cat-eye makeup

Master cat-eye makeup with this simple beauty tutorial.


Photo: iStockphoto

Judy Inc. makeup artist Michelle Rosen gives moms the low-down on how to perfect the cat eye look:

A gel eyeliner applied with an angled brush works best, but you can use an eyeliner pencil if you’d prefer.

* Start in the middle of your upper lid, drawing a line as close to your lashes as possible.

* From the inner corner of your eye, draw a line toward the line you just finished.

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* To create the signature cat-eye “wing”, draw a line from the last lash outwards. You can decide on the length and angle.

* After completing the “wing,” draw a line back to your upper lash line. This should create a slim, empty triangle on your upper lid.

* Fill the triangle with the gel liner or eyeliner pencil.

* Finish the look with two to three coats of mascara.

A version of this article appeared in our February 2014 issue with the headline “Pretty simple,” p. 30.

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