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Sponsored: Before and after: 6 mom makeovers

See stunning beauty transformations, and get super-easy hair, makeup and style tips.

By Walmart Live Better
Sponsored: Before and after: 6 mom makeovers

Before & After: 6 mom makeovers

Before & After: 6 mom makeovers

With all of the time moms devote to caring for the kids, juggling work and squeezing in a social life, it’s not surprising that beauty routines cease. That's why Walmart Live Betterone of Today’s Parent’s sister publications at Rogers—wanted to pamper some of Canada’s busiest moms and show them how they can look put-together in less than 20 minutes. In this gallery you’ll meet six of those inspiring mothers—plus gain our beauty and wardrobe experts’ quick tips for boosting your style.

Sponsored: Before and after: 6 mom makeovers

Before #1:

Whether giving support to families in crisis or raising her own teens, Walmart’s 2013 Mom of the Year, Susi Vander Wyk, combines sensitivity and strength. As a multi-tasking mom who also works on her family’s farm in Lindell Beach, BC, Susi needs a low-maintenance hairstyle. But as the president of a charity that is now in the national spotlight, she also needs to look polished.

Sponsored: Before and after: 6 mom makeoversPhoto: Alvaro Goveia


After #1:

Hair: TRESemmé Hair Care stylist Susana Hong took about an inch off the bottom, blunted her bangs and blended Susi’s layers to make her hair look fuller. Mousse at the roots adds volume and lift. Hong then added a few curls with a hot iron, clipping them into place while they cooled to make them last.

Makeup: Revlon makeup artist Jacquie Hutchinson used a metallic-finish shadow to brighten Susi’s eye area, and a pearl finish to contour the lid. Liquid liner lasts all day and defines her eyes. On Susi’s cheeks, an illuminator over powder blush “warms up her face without too much colour.” Finally, she applied matte lip balm for staying power and gloss for shine.

Nails: Susi had never had a manicure. Leeanne Colley, Revlon manicure artist and owner of Tips Nail Bar in Toronto, shaped her nails and applied softening balm to her cuticles.

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Sponsored: Before and after: 6 mom makeoversPhoto: Alvaro Goveia | Wardrobe styling: Rachel Matthews Burton, | Hair: Susana Hong, TRESemmé Hair Care | Makeup: Jacquie Hutchinson, Revlon Canada | Nails: Leeanne Colley

Before #2:

For Renée Mathieu, a busy professional and active mom, a streamlined beauty routine is a must. "Before going to work, I swim twice a week and run up to three times a week. A coat of mascara and a touch of gloss is all I can squeeze in before I hit the office!" As a sales representative, Renée can wear jeans, but still needs to look polished. Now that she's reaching her mid-fifties, she feels her signature combo of dark lipstick and stick-straight hair isn't as flattering. "As I grow older," Renée says, "I'm concerned that using too much makeup, using the wrong types and not applying it properly can have an aging effect."

Sponsored: Before and after: 6 mom makeovers

After #2:

Hair: Renée’s naturally dry mane needed a boost. For healthy, shiny hair, Pantene Pro-V Consulting Stylist Denis Binet suggests a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, followed by a leave-in conditioner. Binet gave Renée a slight all-over trim, then blowdried her hair with a round brush. "Hair can gain shine [from] thanks to the heat and slicking motion." Binet used a balm on the face-framing strands.

Makeup: Montreal makeup artist Gérald Bélanger kept her look simple and natural. "[Well-groomed] can take years away and highlight your eyes," he says. Bélanger used a lightweight foundation to even out Renée’s complexion, applied a warm-toned blush, and defined her eyes with a neutral shadow. Rosy beige lipstick with a satin finish added oomph. Renée (here with daughter Edera) loves her relaxed new look.

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Sponsored: Before and after: 6 mom makeoversPhoto: Maude De Varennes | Wardrobe styling: Claude Laframboise | Hair: Denis Binet | Make-up: Gérald Bélanger, Gloss Artistes


Before #3:

Katie Schulz is one amazing lady. In 2012, she was named the first ever Walmart Mom of the Year for her work to raise awareness about Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disorder that causes life-threatening difficulties with breathing and digestion. Katie's daughter, Sophia, has CF, and her daily therapy could easily be a full-time job for any mom. Yet Katie still finds time to lecture at McMaster University in Hamilton, play in Ultimate Frisbee tournaments to raise funds for CF research, and act as president of the Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont., chapter of Cystic Fibrosis Canada. (Her Mom of the Year prize included a $100,000 donation to the charity.) Like many moms, Katie spends her days and nights looking after others.

Sponsored: Before and after: 6 mom makeovers

After #3:

Hair: Many women hesitate to lose their ponytail, fearing a cropped look will require a lot of time to style in the morning. Not so, says Violet Volovik, co-owner of Toronto's Bob + Paige salon. She gave Katie a cut that works with her hair's fine texture and the way it falls naturally.

Makeup: Katie is blessed with great skin, so she doesn't need a full-coverage foundation, says makeup artist Michelle Rosen. She started with a light base of tinted moisturizer, and kept Katie's look fresh by lightly applying bright cheek and lip colours. On Katie's eyes, Rosen applied smoky-toned shadow and several coats of mascara. "I love the shape of the cut, and the colour,” says Schulz. “I don’t wear much makeup, but I can totally do this at home."

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Sponsored: Before and after: 6 mom makeoversPhoto: Josh Cornell | Hair: Violet Volovik | Makeup: Michelle Rosen, | Wardrobe styling: Vanessa Taylor

Before #4:

Liza Cooperman is on the rise at work, as a magazine editor managing a busy department. Like many women, she juggles her career with a hectic home life. "Most mornings, I spend 95 percent of my time getting the kids ready, which means I only have a few minutes to focus on myself before running out the door," the mother of three confesses. "So I'm always looking for something stylish, comfortable and versatile, that can be quickly dressed up or down with accessories."

Sponsored: Before and after: 6 mom makeoversPhoto: Megan Stacey


After #4:

Hair: Stylist Alain Larivée, Canadian creative consultant for John Frieda, took about two inches off Liza's overall hair length, adding long layers for body and wash-and-go style." A long fringe softened the contours of her face. For when Liza wants to straighten her hair, Larivée recommends blow-drying as opposed to flat-ironing. Foam hair colour in a brown shade covered Liza’s grey. 

Makeup: Makeup artist Sabrina Rinaldi defined Liza's eyes with black mascara and plum shadow pencil. BB cream provided a skin-smoothing primer and coverage in one, and under-eye circles disappeared beneath a light-toned concealer. For fair skin like Liza's, Rinaldi recommends a light or nude blush. Lip gloss finished the look. "I love this makeover! The cut works curly as well. And I'm thinking about giving home colour a try," says Liza. 

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Sponsored: Before and after: 6 mom makeoversPhoto: Roberto Caruso | Wardrobe styling: Rachel Matthews Burton, | Hair: Alain Larivée | Makeup: Sabrina Rinaldi,

Before #5:

During new mom Lindsay Tarvit’s maternity leave, her priorities shifted from her career and social life to feedings and nap times. Gearing up to go back to work, Lindsay was nervous about leaving her little boy at daycare for the first time, and also felt pressure to look professional with only 20 minutes each morning to go from pyjamas to put-together. "I really need something that’s going to be easy to maintain, with a bit of style," says the bubbly blond. "People used to comment on how nice my hair or my makeup was, and I miss that."

Sponsored: Before and after: 6 mom makeoversPhoto: Megan Stacey

After #5:

Hair: Since her pregnancy, Lindsay's hair has become dry and unmanageable. So, Dove consulting stylist Cody Alain avoided all-over colour and enhanced Lindsay's natural colour with highlights. Alain used a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, followed by a leave-in conditioner. "It's very important for blonds to use colour-protection products with sunscreen in them, as sun exposure can actually shift the colour and texture of the hair," Alain says. Alain kept most of her length to help Lindsay's fine hair develop a natural curl when left to air-dry. To enhance the look, Alain curled her hair with a one-inch curling iron, alternating the direction of the waves to create a more textured style.

Makeup: Rimmel London makeup artist Vanessa Jarman contoured Lindsay’s cheeks with bronzer and brightened up her features with pressed powder. Jarman applied a gold eyeshadow stick to the lid, followed by a darker copper shade in the creases for contour. Black mascara and coral lipstick complete the look.

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Sponsored: Before and after: 6 mom makeoversPhoto: Roberto Caruso | Wardrobe styling: Rachel Matthews Burton, | Hair: Cody Alain | Makeup: Vanessa Jarman


Before #6:

Between caring for a six-year-old, working at home as self-employed writer and editor, and occasional stints as a substitute journalism instructor, Rachel Naud has a lot of demands on her time. Like many moms, she needs easy, inexpensive ways to appear fresh and pulled together. Rachel’s long, naturally curly hair hadn’t been colour treated, but had taken on a gold undertone, which was not complementary to her skin tone. Over the years, regular washing, sun exposure and styling tools strip away our hair’s outer layer, explains Luis Pacheco, owner of Toronto’s Hair on the Avenue salon and a Clairol consulting colourist.

Sponsored: Before and after: 6 mom makeoversPhoto: Sigrun Wister

After #6:

Hair: Pacheco applied a cool and slightly darker toned, semi-permanent colour, which instantly brightened Rachel’s face. Justin German, co-owner of Shagg Salon in Toronto and a Pantene consulting stylist, decided on a swingy, collar-length bob. To showcase Rachel’s natural curl and give her hair great shape, he added some layering and choppiness through the bottom. To style, Rachel can scrunch-dry, then wrap random two-inch sections lengthwise around the barrel of a curling iron to give her curls a smooth, polished finish without looking “done.” “My hair has never been this short – but I totally like it!” says Rachel.

Makeup: Makeup artist Michelle Rosen began by smoothing on a medium-toned BB cream. To combat Rachel’s rosacea flares, she recommends yellowish concealer. “If you put it on sparingly before your foundation, it knocks back the red,” she says. After applying purple-toned taupe eye shadow, she used a darker shadow from the same palette, instead of a pencil or liquid liner, and applied it with a small, wet, angled brush.

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Sponsored: Before and after: 6 mom makeoversPhoto: Geneviève Caron | Hair: Luis Pacheco and Justin German | Makeup: Michelle Rosen, | Wardrobe styling: Matthews Burton,
This article was originally published on Feb 07, 2014

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