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17 amazing images of siblings meeting for the first time

There's nothing like a sibling to shake up the family dynamic. These adorable shots perfectly capture kids' mixed reactions to the arrival of a new baby.

By Simone Olivero

17 amazing images of siblings meeting for the first time

Photo: Instagram

After the birth of a first child, one of the most magical moments in parenting is when that little one meets their sibling. These first meets can be rife with emotions, but we think it's a moment worth capturing regardless of the reaction.

Here are some of the sweetest (and most hilarious) shots we've seen:

1. "The happiness on Luca's face as he met his baby sister for the very first time is something I will treasure forever."

2. "Big sister is in love with her new brother but not so much with his crying."

3. "Hey guys, look what I got!"

4. "Bonding moments."

5. "When your mum makes you your own real life dolly."

6. "Hey Google..."

7. Yikes!

8. "Best moment ever."

9. We'll just call this one the "adjustment period."

And here are some personal shots from the editors of Today's Parent!

toddler meeting baby Photo: Claire Gagne

preschooler holding baby Photo: Kim Shiffman

School-aged kid with baby looking unimpressed Photo: Simone Olivero

toddler meeting baby Photo: Claire Gagne

toddler with baby Photo: Stephanie Han Kim

toddler with crying baby Photo: Claire Sibonney

toddler reaching into incubator Photo: Sasha Emmons