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RECALL: Disney pencil cases

Health Canada and the Disney Store are recalling themed pencil cases that pose a risk to young kids.

By Today's Parent
Photo: Health Canada Photo: Health Canada

Health Canada and the Disney Store are recalling various pencil cases out of fear they pose a perforation hazard to young children.

The themed pencil cases include the Avengers (UPC 464592508298), Multi-Princess (UPC 464592507956), Miles from Tomorrowland (UPC 464592508038) and CARS (UPC 464592508113).

The pencil case's lid has two magnets, which can become loose and harm a child. Approximately 16 products were sold in Canada and 300 in the United states between June 3 and 12.

No injuries have been reported because of the product.

If you have this product: Health Canada says to immediately stop using the product and return it to a Disney store for a full refund. You can also call the Disney Store at 1-866-902-2798.

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