20 Ramadan books to read to your kids

Get into the holiday spirit with these adorable books that celebrate messages of kindness and giving back.

By Sadiya Dendar

20 Ramadan books to read to your kids

The Gift of Ramadan

Written by Rabiah York Lumbar and illustrated by Laura K. Horton, Albert Whitman & Co., (ages 4+).  $11,

Book cover art for The Gift of Ramadan showing a girl and an her mom bakingCredit: Albert Whitman & Company

Baby’s First Ramadan

Written and illustrated by DK, Penguin/Random House Canada, (ages 0+). $8,

Book cover art for Baby's First Ramadan showing a crescent moon and star.Credit: Penguin/Random House Canada

Hannah and the Ramadan Gift

Written by Qasim Rashid and illustrated by Aaliya Jaleel, Penguin/Random House Canada, (ages 3+). $24,

Book cover art for Hannah and the Ramadan Gift showing a girl staring up into the night sky.Credit: Penguin/Random House Canada

R is for Ramadan

Written and illustrated by Greg Paprocki, Gibbs Smith, (ages 2+). $15,

Book cover art for R is for Ramadan showing people standing in front of a mosque talking to friends.Credit: Gibbs Smith

Night of the Moon

Written by Hena Khan and illustrated by Julie Paschkis, Chronicle Books, (ages 4+). $12,

Book cover art for Night of the Moon showing a girl sitting propped against a pillow looking up into the sky at the crescent moon.Credit: Chronicle Books

It’s Ramadan, Curious George

Written by H.A. Rey and Hana Khan, HMH Books for Young Readers, (ages 2+). $12,

Book cover art for It's Ramadan, Curious George showing Curious George, the Man with the Yellow Hat and a boy looking up into the sky and pointing to the crescent moon.Credit: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Ramadan Around the World

Written by Ndaa Hassan and illustrated by Azra Momin, Beyond Books Publishing, (ages 4+). $29,

Book cover art for Ramadan Around the World showing diverse children standing together and smiling.Credit: Ramadan Around the World

Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets: A Muslim Book of Shapes

Written by Hena Khan and illustrated by Mehrdokht Amini, Chronicle Books, (ages 5+).  $12,

Book cover art for Crescent Moons and Pointed Minaret showing kids standing in front of a mosque and looking into the sky at a crescent moonCredit: Chronicle Books


Written by Hannah Eliot and illustrated by Rashin, Little Simon, (ages 2+). $12,

Book cover art for Ramadan showing a kids in traditional clothing with lanterns.Credit: Little Simon

Lailah’s Lunchbox

Written by Reem Faruqi and illustrated by Lea Lyon, Tilbury House, (ages 4+), $25,

Book cover art for Lailah's Lunchbox showing a girl showing a beautiful lunchbox with an Eastern floral design.Credit: Tilbury House

A Party in Ramadan

Written by Asma Mobin-Uddin and illustrated by Laura Jacobsen, Penguin/Random House Canada, (ages 7+). $10,

Book cover art for A Party in Ramadan showing balloons, birthday gifts and kids running aroundCredit: Penguin/Random House Canada

Ramadan Joy!

Written by Omar S. Khawaja and illustrated by Leo Antolini, LBK Books, (ages 4+). $25,

Book cover art for Ramadan Joy! showing a boy and duck walking down the street waving at neighbours while eating dates.Credit: LBK Books

Who Will Help Me Make Iftar?

Written by Asmaa Hussein and illustrated by Saliha Çalışkan, Ruqaya's Bookshelf, (ages 4+). $13,

Book cover art for Who Will Help Me Make Make Iftar? showing a man balancing pots and pans and bowls with veggies spilling out.Credit: Ruqaya's Bookshelf

Owl and Cat: Ramadan Is…

Written and illustrated by Emma Apple, Little Moons Books (ages 2+). $23,

Book cover art for Owl and Cat: Ramadan Is... showing an owl and a cat gazing at a crescent moon.Credit: Little Moon Books

Under the Ramadan Moon

Written by Sylvia Whitman and illustrated by Sue Williams, Albert Whitman & Company (ages 2+). $11,

Book cover art for Under the Ramadan Moon showing a family looking up at the crescent moon in the skyCredit: Albert Whitman & Company

Drummer Girl

Written by Hiba Masood and illustrated by Hoda Hadadi, Daybreak Press (ages 4+). $30,

Book cover art for Drummer Girl showing a girl and an older lady playing drumsCredit: Daybreak Press

Rashad’s Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr

Written by Lisa Bullard and illustrated by Holli Conger, Cloverleaf Books (ages 4+). $12,

Book cover art for Rashad's Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr showing two Muslim families socializing and eating together.Credit: Lerner Publishing Group

Ramadan and Eid

Written by Saniyasnain Khan and illustrated by Rashin Kheiriyeh, Goodword Books (ages 2+). $15,

Blue board bookPhoto: Goodword Books

Rami the Ramadan Cat

Written by Robyn Thomas and illustrated by Abira Das, Ruqaya's Bookshelf, (ages 4+). $13,

Book cover art for Rami the Ramadan Cat showing a boy in traditional clothing with a grey cat on his shoulders.Credit: Ruqaya's Bookshelf

After Iftar Tales

Bismillah Buddies (ages 5+). $45,

Book cover art for After Iftar Tales showing a crescent moon and lanternsCredit: Bismillah Buddies

This article was originally published on Mar 25, 2022