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Do your children's personalities match their star signs?

Whether you believe in astrology or not, it's fascinating to see how the stars characterize us — and our kids.

By Tracy Chappell
Do your children's personalities match their star signs?

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When I was (probably too) young, my best friend and I used to anxiously await the arrival of the January issue of Cosmopolitan magazine on newsstands. We’d find a night to have a sleepover, then dive into Cosmo’s “Bedside Astrologer,” which gave us all the dirt and details on the ups and downs the next 12 months would hold for us in love, work, finance, friendship and fun — as it was written in the stars. We found out which signs we were compatible with and who to watch out for; which days would be lucky or lousy.
Did any of it ever come to pass? Who can remember. What I do recall is that tingly excitement of a brand new year stretched out before me and that maybe somehow, the stars knew the secrets to what it might bring.
I’m a Leo. I usually think of myself as an anti-Leo because I’ve never felt the way Cosmo liked to classify us: flamboyant jet-setters with awesome hair, luxurious tastes and a constant craving for attention and adoration. What’s funny is that I married an Aries who is also quite different — even opposite — than his star sign describes. Leos and Aries are compatible in love, and as it turns out, that seems to work no matter how well-matched we are to our signs.
Anna is a Pisces, just like my fellow Cosmo-loving friend, who claims that she and Anna are soulmates. (I don’t find their personalities similar, but clearly my friend sees something I don’t.) One thing is clear: Anna fits her sign’s symbol, the fish. She adores the water and is a great swimmer. Many descriptions of Pisces I’ve come across haven’t sounded a lot like her when they get into details, but sometimes they do. Overall, Pisces are said to be emotional and sensitive, with great creativity and imagination and a tendency to live in "fantasy land." Here’s one quote: “Pisces people seldom perceive whatever is going on around them in its true light. They see life instead as they want to see it, colouring their view of the world in hues and tones far removed from its true reflection. No wonder this is the sign of both miracles and disillusionment. If you are a Pisces, be warned your emotions are a weak spot.” It’s a sign filled with challenge and beauty — and maybe that’s the perfect description of Anna.
I remember, after finding out Avery’s estimated birth date, checking to see how well she and Anna were destined to get along. It sounded promising, because Avery’s astrological traits seemed to complement Anna’s. Good thing I didn't put any money on it! Avery is a Virgo and in this description at least, she is so a Virgo: kind-hearted, fussy, shy, compassionate and determined to do the right thing. Virgos are said to have a great faith in others, even to their own detriment. This quote rings especially true of Avery: “Creative and sensitive, Virgos are delicate people who require individual treatment to fully blossom into their true unique beauty. Shy, they are happy to allow others to take centre-stage and often generate their time and energy into making those they love happy or successful.” I see this spirit in her — Avery will often visit Anna on a time-out to try to cheer her up (even if the infraction has been against Avery), or offer to let me or a friend go first in a game. When she was only three, she said to me, “I just want to make you happy, Mommy.” She likes harmony, but also knows her mind. Avery needs a very different kind of attention and discipline and conversation than her sister and she will often burst into tears if we attempt to use our tried-and-true “Anna” methods on her.
Who really knows what it all means? Some think it’s all hogwash while others plan their life (and livelihoods) around astrology. For me, it’s fascinating fun and maybe a little inspiration every now and then to push forward.
Do your kids’ personalities fit their astrological signs? How about yours? Check out these descriptions and let me know!

This article was originally published on Jan 07, 2013

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