Paper bag craft: Simple stocking

This cute paper bag craft is a great way to encourage your little elves to get creative this Christmas. Simply cut, stitch, and decorate!

By Steph Hung


Here's how to make this paper bag craft:

1. Draw a stocking shape on a paper bag.

2. Cut out, creating two identical stockings: a front and a back.

3. Keeping the two stockings stacked, use a hole punch to space holes along the edge, about 1 cm apart.

4. Before lacing it up, punch 4 additional holes across ankle of stocking (you only need them through the front side). This will be for the pompom tie.


5. Thread yarn through holes all along the edges. (You’ll need at least 140 cm or about a metre and a half of yarn—leave extra and trim later.)

6. To add the pompom piece, thread a length of yarn through one of the middle holes, coming in from the front, and out the outer hole.

7. Wrap around the back of the stocking and then, on the front of the stocking, thread back through remaining holes.

8. Attach handmade or store-bought pompoms to ends of yarn with glue or a small knot.

9. For the loop, cut a long, thin strip of paper-bag scrap and tape to inside of stocking.

Tip: If your little one is having a hard time lacing, use a small piece of tape to create a stiff tip at the end of the yarn (like the aglet on a shoelace).