Easy loot bag ideas that kids love

Get the birthday party started—or, well, ended—with these exciting loot bag fillers.

By Vanessa Grant

Loot bag, grab bag, swag bag, goody bag. Whatever you call them, party favours sure are fun to dole out. You certainly won’t be wanting for options when you visit Mastermind Toys in-store or online. The iconic Canadian retailer offers an array of exciting toys, big and small for old or young. And they’re loaded up with unique loot bag ideas to accommodate any party type. Here are nine recommendations to get you started.  Easy loot bag ideas that kids love

Mastermind Toys 7'' Neon Rainbow Playground Ball

Neon trends eternally, so give the gift of bounce. Parents will get a nostalgic blast from their past, while party guests will cop a thrill from the nice palm-sized playground ball. Throw it, drop it or bop it around and a rainbow streak of purple, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue will follow in its wake. Maybe include sunglasses, too.  Mastermind Toys 7'' Neon Rainbow Playground Ball, $10, Easy loot bag ideas that kids love

Rock Fill-A-Bag Assorted

Shiny, tumbled surprises abound in every drawstring pouch of gemstones. Randomly selected with seven to 10 stones per bag, recipients can find a mix of rose or crackle quartz, aventurine, chalcedony, carnelian, moss agate or crackle moss agate, amethyst, lizard skin, crackle chalcedony, quartz, or tonalite. The popular-from-TikTok gems also nurture a learning and identifying activity at the party.  Mastermind Toys Rock Fill-A-Bag Assorted, $6, Easy loot bag ideas that kids love

Cat Slap Band With Ruler

Millennial parents will remember the rise and fall of slap bracelets. What once was banned is back again, this time more stylish and purrfect than ever. Doubling as a ruler on the inside for any measurements that pop up, partygoers can give their wrist a tap and watch the space cat-adorned bracelet furl around their wrists.  Mastermind Toys Cat Slap Band With Ruler, $10,

Easy loot bag ideas that kids love

Mastermind Toys Gift Card

The gift of choice is a nice addition to a loot bag. Along with a fun eraser or a lolli, throw in a Mastermind Toys gift card. There are plenty of treats in the $5 range that are ready for the choosing both online and in-store. Plus, you get to pick from three different card themes. Mastermind Toys Gift Card, $5, Easy loot bag ideas that kids love

Stripe Treat Bag

All that birthday loot needs a home and there’s ample space in this lightweight treat tote. Send guests away with the rainbow motif, tube-shaped bag filled with a couple of small treats. It has a comfortable strap for schlepping around and is easy to spot clean, giving it a life beyond the party. Mastermind Toys Treat Bag - Stripe, $15,   Easy loot bag ideas that kids love

Woohoo Playing Cards

Cards are always handy to have. From a game of Solitaire to Go Fish to Crazy Eights, this playful deck of 52 vivid cards with reimagined characters will be something partygoers can pick up again and again.  Mastermind Toys Woohoo Playing Cards, $5,  Easy loot bag ideas that kids love

Purple Caticorn Umbrella 18"

What do you get when you mix a cat with a unicorn? A caticorn, naturally. Wet weather won’t be able to help but ooh and ahh at this adorable canopy. Made from nylon, it adorns a sweet animal face with pointed ears and a horn. The manual push is pinch-free and runs smoothly with a curved handle that’s the ideal size for little hands.  Mastermind Toys Purple Caticorn Umbrella 18", $14,  Easy loot bag ideas that kids love

Dream Big Candy Tub

Sweets are a common loot bag participant, but rather than a handful of something expected, go for the big tub of gummies. Each container of gourmet goodies has a screw-on lid, so once snack time is over, they can be sealed up, fresh and ready to go for next time.  Mastermind Toys Dream Big Candy Tub, $10,  Easy loot bag ideas that kids love

Mini Voice Changer Megaphone

The giggles don’t have to stop after the party ends. A mini megaphone with voice-changing settings that toggle between four sound effects—a kid to a boy to an old man to a robot—offers so much wacky fun.   Mastermind Toys Mini Voice Changer Megaphone, $13,  Easy loot bag ideas that kids love Can't decide what to buy or are short on time? Choose a theme, decide on a budget and share the ages of your party guests with the staff at Mastermind Toys and they'll customize and assemble your loot bags for you.  Looking for the perfect birthday gift? Find nine expertly picked birthday gifts for kids or fabulous first birthday gifts.  
This article was originally published on Jun 16, 2022