9 expertly picked birthday gifts for kids

RSVP’d oui to a birthday party? Finding a gift is a piece of cake with these expertly-picked options from Mastermind Toys.

By Mastermind Toys

Even as a parent, selecting the right gift for your kid can be tough, let alone buying something for a relative or special school friend. But the journey from store to recipient doesn't need to be stressful. Choosing quality toys that are educational and fun is Mastermind Toys’ specialty. The beloved Canadian toy shop has everything you need online and in-store, including gift-wrapping, because why wrap when they can do it for you? To help you get started, we tapped the experts to select birthday gift ideas in a variety of price points for kids aged two to 10. Start shopping!

9 expertly picked birthday gifts for kids

Mastermind Toys Sporter 125mm Scooter Blue w/ Light Up Wheels

Lucky birthday recipients can zoom in style with this flashy quick-fold scooter. Its unique design means it’s kid-powered, but there’s no fancy footwork required. Instead, riders can create momentum by shifting their weight from side to side. Parents don’t fret! There’s a hand break!

Mastermind Toys Sporter XL 145mm Green Scooter, $120,

9 expertly picked birthday gifts for kids

Happy Home Doll House

Know anyone seeking some doll real estate? Offering contemporary design with original trim (aka natural wood finishes), the two-and-a-half-storey family home is open concept with one large living area on the main floor, two rooms on the second and a spacious attic complete with skylights. Climb up the stairs to reach the balcony or look out the window with functional shutters. Accessible through the front, back and sides, it’s easy to share this spacious home during playtime. Mastermind Toys Dolls, Pets, and Doll House Furniture, sold separately. Accepting offers anytime. 

Mastermind Happy Home Doll House, $200, 

9 expertly picked birthday gifts for kids

Foosball Table 32"

Attention sports fans! Bring your love of the field home with this tabletop football game. Spanning over two-and-a-half feet in length, the smooth-playing game table elevates three-dimensional wooden players using metal posts so players can twist and turn to send the ball into the net. It’s easy to assemble with no power tools needed. 

Mastermind Toys Foosball Table 32", $64.99,

9 expertly picked birthday gifts for kids

Mastermind Toys Easel w/ Chalkboard and Magnetic Whiteboard

Art has to start somewhere. Allow budding artists to bloom at this wooden easel. Double-sided for double the fun, one surface is a chalkboard while the other is a magnetic whiteboard that’s ideal for securing rolls of art paper. The adjustable stand includes a roll of said art paper, no-spill paint cups and a catch tray for those inevitable drippings.

Mastermind Toys Easel w/ Chalkboard and Magnetic Whiteboard, $130,

9 expertly picked birthday gifts for kids

Blue/Lime Wiggle Car

Do you know why we pulled you over? Because you’re having too much fun! Young riders can to-and-fro any way they please with this colourful, easy-to-maneuver one-seater. The wheel's turn is all it takes to gain momentum and acceleration. Great for indoor or outdoor, the durable, speedy scoot teaches physics in a palpable and exciting way.

Mastermind Toys Blue/Lime Wiggle Car, $65,

9 expertly picked birthday gifts for kids

Hoodie Houndz Brown Fox Plush

Is that a sneaky fox or a pouncy puppy? Well, it’s both. Soft, plush hound at its core, this sweet eight-inch stuffy comes decked out in an adorable fox costume. Truly, have you seen anything cuter? We’re hard-pressed to think of a better snuggle buddy. 

Mastermind Toys Hoodie Houndz Brown Fox Plush, $13,

9 expertly picked birthday gifts for kids

DIY FORT Construction Set  

Aspiring architect with a birthday coming up? A DIY fort kit is the ultimate builder’s birthday gift. Using rods and connectors, the 90-piece set easily connects into limitless configurations. Once assembled, toss a bed sheet over the frame and turn on the easy-hang, battery-powered bulb to illuminate the epic playspace. The best part? The set comes with a handy storage bag so the fort can travel to play dates and sleepovers.

Mastermind Toys DIY FORT Construction Set, $60,

9 expertly picked birthday gifts for kids

Splash Speedster Land & Water R/C Car

Puddles and splashes won’t cause an issue for a remote-controlled amphibious racer. Using the 3.6G dual-speed steering wheel, drivers can take the red-and-white whip for a spin—a 360-degree spin, that is—and a flip. Heavy-tread wheels help it keep traction on water and land without damaging interiors. 

Mastermind Toys Splash Speedster Land & Water R/C Car, $40, 

9 expertly picked birthday gifts for kids

Kids Safety Tip Dart Board

Typically, pointy-headed darts and danger go hand-in-hand. Not anymore. Fun for the whole family, the safety-tipped darts—six in total—soar into a rubberized board without risk of injuries or dart holes in the wall. Try setting up a friendly family competition or use it to practice your aim. 

Mastermind Toys Kids Safety Tip Dart Board, $25,

This article was originally published on Jun 16, 2022