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RECALL: LED Light Up Floating Ball Toys

A recall has been issued for LED Light Up Floating Eye Ball and LED Light Up Floating Ball Girls (Magic). Toy's contents are extremely hazardous if ingested.

By Today's Parent

Health Canada has announced the recall of LED Light Up Floating Eye Ball and LED Light Up Floating Ball Girls (Magic). The toys have a floating ball inside them and coloured lights that go on when they're thrown against a wall, floor or other hard surface.

They have been deemed extremely hazardous because they contains toxic petroleum distillates that are harmful and may even be fatal if ingested, or aspirated into the lungs.

These floating balls have been sold exclusively at Walmart stores throughout Canada, August 8, 2013, to August 26, 2013.

If you have this product: Immediately remove it from child's reach, and return to Walmart for a full refund. If you think your child has been exposed to the petroleum distillates, contact your healthcare provider and/or local poison control centre as soon as possible. For more information, contact MJ Holding: 1-888-710-4484 or 1-519-623-2234 x112, or email.

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