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RECALL: Magnet toys from Indigo

Health Canada has announced a magnet recall. Indigo Books and Music has recalled Magnetic Sphere and Magnetics 4 x 4—toys pose serious health hazard to children.

By Today's Parent
magnet recall

Health Canada has announced a recall involving magnet sets sold at Indigo Books & Music stores as "magnetic toys and stress relievers." After a risk assessment, it was determined that the sets contain small powerful magnetic spheres that pose a severe risk because children can easily swallow or inhale them.

Here are the details of the recalled products:

  • Magnetics Spheres UPC 811200013833
  • Magnetics 4 x 4 UPC 811200013819

This recall is part of a larger Health Canada initiative to recall all products containing small powerful magnets.

Swallowing small powerful magnets can result in serious health consequences, such as gastrointestinal complications requiring emergency surgery and potentially involving long term health issues. The magnets can attract each other while traveling through the digestive system, potentially causing intestinal walls to twist, become torn or punctured. To date, there have been no injury reports associated with this Indigo recall.

The products were sold in Indigo stores across Canada from August 2014 to October 2014.

If you have these products: Discontinue use immediately, and contact your municipality to learn how to recycle or dispose of the magnets safely.

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