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RECALL: Bodico hand sanitizers

A recall has been issued for Bodico hand sanitizer. Two deaths have been linked to the ingestion of this product.

By Today's Parent

Health Canada is working to implement a recall for Bodico Hand Sanitizers. Two deaths have been linked to the ingestion of these products.

Ontario's Centre of Forensic Sciences tested bottles of the sanitizer associated with the two deaths and discovered undeclared methanol, rather than the active listed ingredient, ethyl alcohol. According to Health Canada, methanol is extremely toxic and may cause blindness or death if ingested. Skin irritation or inflammation can occur if menthanol is applied excessively to the skin.

Please see Health Canada's full advisory notice.

Health Canada is currently testing more Bodico sanitizers. So far, they have discovered the presence of methanol in Bodico Hand Sanitizer and Bodico Hand Sanitizer with Aloe and Vitamin E, and are working with Bodico to start recalling these products.

Health Canada is reminding the public that hand sanitizer labels indicate external use only and are never to be ingested.As always, young children must be supervised while using any hand sanitizer. All hand sanitizers must be stored out of children's reach.

If you have this product: Report health or safety concerns to 1-866-234-2345.


Report any health or safety concerns: • Call toll-free at 1-866-234-2345

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