Face painting: How to transform your kid into a mermaid

Get ready for an aquatic adventure. Your kid will flip over this cool mermaid look.

By Kathryn Hayward

You’ll need: Iridescent green eye shadow; blush brush; mesh ribbon; makeup sponge; turquoise face paint; rhinestone stickers; eyelash adhesive; star-shaped cereal; magenta eye shadow; aqua lipstick.

1. Dust green eye shadow in patches on the face and neck.

2. To add some mermaid scales, place a piece of Christmas mesh ribbon over the green patches, and dab turquoise face paint on with a makeup sponge. You can apply less pressure in some areas to create a textured look. Remember, mermaids are imaginary creatures, so you can create your own look.

3. Dust on a bit more eye shadow, and then layer on more scales.

4. For a regal look, apply a row of crystal stickers (you can get these at dollar stores) to the eyebrows.

5. Add some aquatic life. Affix star-shaped cereal or shell shapes you make out of tissue paper with a bit of eyelash glue (you can find at most pharmacies). When you place the shape on the face, hold it there for a few seconds for it to fully adhere.

6. Add some eye shadow and lipstick. (We used magenta and aqua.)

7. If you are using a wig, a wig cap will help it stay on. Plus, secure it with bobby pins at temples, forehead, behind the ears and nape of the neck. Time to make waves!