30 egg-cellent Easter gifts for kids

If you’re looking to pack their baskets with goodies that go beyond the basic chocolate bunnies and cream eggs, look no further than these sweet Easter gifts.

By Today's Parent

30 egg-cellent Easter gifts for kids

After what felt like the longest winter ever, spring is *finally* here. Along with the budding trees and never-ending mix of rain and snow—hey, we never said nice weather had arrived—comes the pastel-branded Easter. As grocery store aisles fill up with chocolate bunnies and colourful eggs, you may be on the lookout for some fun new additions to your kids' Easter egg hunt. Luckily, we've got you covered with a delightfully varied collection of Easter treats that are sure to egg-cite both you and your little ones. And in case your kids ask, yes, of course the Easter Bunny can shop online.

1. Sweet Springtime Lantern

A toy box that contains a 3D Easter-themed lantern that lights up at the bottom. Photo: Lantern Lands

2. Unicorn Horn Sidewalk Chalk

A box of sidewalk chalk that looks like unicorn horns. The chalk is multicoloured and gold Photo: Twee

3. Cottonball Rabbit Family

A family of brown plush rabbit stuffed animals. They're all wearing different outfits. Photo: Li’l Woodzeez

4. Sprinkled Donut Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

A coral coloured hand soap that says "some bunny loves you" Photo: Bath and Body Works

5. Push and Pull Rabbit

A brown wooden bunny that can be pulled with a string. Photo: Kinderfeets


6. Baby Butterflies Candy Cube

A clear box filled with pink, green and blue gummy butterflies. Photo: Sugarfina

7. Easter Egg Mosaic Sticker by Number

A teal sticker book with drawings of an Easter basket with patterned eggs on it. Photo: Crayola

8. Easter Dough Bundle

Brown paper bags of pink and yellow moldable dough. Photo: Little Larch

9. Robbie Sugarlite Block

A light blue, pink and white rubber sneaker with holes in it. Photo: Native Shoes

10. Bunny Silicone and Wood Teether

A wooden and brown silicone teether with a bunny on top. Photo: Loulou Lollipop

11. Milk Chocolate Gold Bunny

A gold wrapped chocolate bunny with a red collar. Photo: Lindt

12. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Basket

A plastic pink, purple and yellow Easter basket with colourful plastic eggs inside. Photo: Hatchimals

13. Easter Skateboarding Pajama Set

Green long-sleeve pjs with skateboarding bunnies. Photo: Wonder Co.

14. Ty Squishaboos Furry the Rabbit

Round stuffed tye-dye bunny with giant eyes. Photo: Ty

15. Kids First Classic Wiggle Rainbow Rain Boots

Rainbow rain boots Photo: Hunter Boots

16. Cuddle Bunny

A white bunny with black stars on it. Photo: Wee Gallery

17. Spring Chick Craft Kit

A box of spring crafts with chicks on it. Photo: Crayola

18. Mini Bunny Waffle Maker

Teal waffle maker and a waffle with a bunny shape on it. Photo: Dash

19. Zippy the Sloth Instant Camera

A blue and white camera with a brown sloth on the lens. Photo: Kidamento

20. Easter Rabbits Display

Lego Easter set with a brown rabbit, a white rabbit, tulips and grass Photo: Lego

21. Easter Playdough Kit

A flat lay of different coloured jars of playdough, sensory toys like carrots and bunny shaped cookie cutters. Photo: Hello Dough

22. The Flying Carrot Bath Bomb

A bath bomb that looks like a carrot-shaped rocket with a yellow bunny driving it Photo: Lush


23. Mini Foiled Bunnies

Milk chocolate-shaped bunnies in pastel foil wrappers Photo: Purdys

24. Wicker Bunny Easter basket

A wicker Easter basket with bunny ears and black stitching for the face. Photo: Wonder Co.

25. White Chocolate Speckled Eggs

A blue box contains a cookies and cream flavoured chocolate Easter egg. Photo: Galerie au Chocolat

26. Funny Bunny

A kids game with bunnies and carrots. Photo: Ravensburger

27. Hungry Bunny Beach Hooded Towel

A young kid stands wrapped in a blue beach towel with white bunnies in sunglasses and eating watermelon on it. Photo: Pottery Barn

28. Construction Site: Spring Delight by Sherri Duskey Rinker and AG Ford

A book cover that depicts a smiling construction trick digging up an Easter egg. Photo: Chronicle Books

29. PlushCraft 3D Bunny

A plush purple and pink stuffed bunny with big eyes and ears. Photo: The Orb Factory

30. Unisex Sherpa Hooded Chick One-Piece for Baby

A fuzzy yellow baby onesie with a beak and red hair on the hood. Photo: Old Navy

This article was originally published on Apr 01, 2022