DIY project: Cute chalkboard wall

Follow our easy steps to create your own fun chalkboard wall to jazz up your child's room.

By Sarah Gunn

Sarah Gunn's DIY chalkboard

Materials: level measuring tape chalkboard paint paintbrush paint roller painter’s tape chalk
wood trim nail gun sticky tack

Step One: Prepare the surface by filling any holes and wiping it clean with a damp cloth.

Step Two: Measure and then tape around the area you want to paint. Use a level to help keep the tape lines straight.

Step Three: Using a roller, apply several coats of the chalkboard paint, allowing paint to dry between each coat.

Step Four: Allow the paint to set for three days, then prepare the wall by rubbing the entire surface with a piece of white chalk and wiping with a damp cloth.

Step Five: Add decorative trim to the finished chalkboard. Use a nail gun to hold it in place. Alternatively, you could paint a frame around the chalkboard directly on the wall.

TIP: Use sticky tack to hold artwork securely in place.

This article was originally published on Aug 22, 2013