Craft: No-sew fish pencil case

Swim your way to the top of the class with this easy no-sew pencil case.

By Kate Stewart

TP09_Craft1 Photo: Tony Lanz. Illustrations: Alex Mathers

Materials: thick material (patterned for body, plain for fins), glue gun and glue craft batting, white felt Velcro strips, button, scissors

Cut out two pieces of material for each of the two fins and tail. Glue two edges of each fin together and stuff with batting before sealing the last edge. Cut triangles from the white felt for teeth.

1Cut two fish out of patterned fabric for the body. Cut out a third fish that is 1-in. larger. Glue the teeth to the mouth of one fish, then glue one side of the Velco strip on top of them. Glue the tail and top fin in place to the same fish. Attach the opposite Velco strip to the front fish’s mouth.


Glue just the edges of the back and front together, forming a pocket. Attach the eye and fin to the larger fish, then place it on top of the front.

3Seal the edges by folding over and glueing the excess fabric of the large fish to the back of the pencil case.

4A version of this article appeared in our September 2013 issue with the headline, "Gone fishing," p.28.

This article was originally published on Aug 21, 2013