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Hosting a red carpet party

Give your aspiring A-lister the star treatment with a gala full of glitz and glam.

By Sadiya Dendar
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Assemble a trunk of fun dress-up clothing and accessories (like boas, sunglasses and costume jewellery) so that the kids can get dolled up as they arrive. Then send them down the red carpet for a mini fashion show. Put up a backdrop so that kids can strike their best pose for the paparazzi (siblings are perfect for this part). You can set up a simple one with just a sheet or shower curtain, or make your own with flattened cardboard boxes and paint.

A game of charades is the perfect way to kick off the fun. Kids will love acting out different movie or song titles while the other guests try to guess. Other activities include movie trivia and celebrity impressions.

Next, move on to the talent show! Younger kids will love showing off their unique dance or singing skills; older kids may want to belt out some tunes with a karaoke competition. End the night with an awards ceremony that ensures each kid wins something special, like best dressed, best dance move, best pose or best celeb impression.


Invitation Create a “backstage pass” to invite VIPs to the party. Kids can hand draw them or design them on the computer. Include the date, time, place and RSVP info on the back.



Celebrity craft After taking photos of all the guests in their finest outfits, have the kids make their own picture frames.


Star of the show Using a simple sugar cookie recipe, make one star-shaped cookie for each guest. Decorate with royal icing and pipe on each kid’s name for a personalized treat.

Fancy finger foods Mini apps are perfect for picky kids. Serve a selection, such as veggies and dip, fish sticks, sliders and fruit kebabs. You can also make star-shaped pizzas with pita pockets; cover with sauce and grated cheese and bake.

Here’s to you! Serve up fancy drinks in plastic flute glasses. Serve sparkling water with juice, or some Pineapple Mint Splash.


A version of this article appeared in our March 2013 issue with the headline "Red carpet party," p. 24.

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This article was originally published on Feb 13, 2013

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