50 Fun Family Spring Activities

Shake off the winter blues and try any of these fun, spring activities that will have you and the kiddos enjoying the fresh air.

By Today's Parent
50 Fun Family Spring Activities

Photo: iStockphoto

01Blow bubbles

Go buy some bubbles at your favorite dollar store, or make your own at home. Don't want to leave home? This six-pack of bubbles is cheap and ships right to your door, but really—you can make your own.

mom and son blowing bubbles Photo: iStockphoto

02Fly a kite

Go fly a kite—literally! Choose an open field and run around with the kids to try and get their kite up in the air. If you’re having trouble, try any of these 4 tips for successful kite-flying. We love this colorful butterfly kite.

two girls flying a kite Photo: iStockphoto


03Play hide-and-seek

Who doesn’t love this classic game? Springtime means you can head outside for an epic, neighbourhood round of hide-and-seek!

little boy playing hide and seek Photo: iStockphoto

04Make a bird feeder

What better spring craft is there than making a DIY bird feeder? Or try painting a birdhouse, which you can purchase at your local craft store. Just make sure to stock up on some bird seed like this bag of black oil sunflower seeds.

50 Fun Family Spring Activities Photo: Tony Lanz. Illustrations: Alex Mathers

05Ride a bike

Spend an afternoon riding the bike trails in your local area. Is your little biker still in training? Use it as an opportunity to teach him how to ride his bike without training wheels.

dad teaching son how to ride a bike Photo: iStockphoto


06Enjoy the cherry blossoms

April showers bring May flowers! With the snow melting away, there will be plenty of beautiful cherry blossoms to observe and admire.

two little girls enjoying cherry blossoms Photo: iStockphoto

07Feed the ducks

It’s migrating season! All of the ducks and other birds are heading back home, so bring some cooked rice or birdseed to a pond or ravine near you and feed them a tasty snack.

Little girl feeding ducks in the park Photo: iStockphoto

08Learn about dinosaurs

Check out your city’s best dinosaur exhibit at your nearest museum—like the James and Louise Temerty Galleries of the Age of Dinosaurs at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. The kids will love learning about these ancient Earth inhabitants (and the skeletons are pretty awesome, too.)

Dinosaur exhibit at the ROM Photo: Royal Ontario Museum


09Go camping

Create a weekend adventure by bringing the family to the nearest campground. Pitch a tent, roast some marshmallows, and tell spooky stories by the fire. If you want to keep things close to home, put up a tent in the backyard and enjoy the lovely, spring weather.

Have babies? Here's what you should know about camping with a baby.

kids in a tent outdoors Photo: iStockphoto

10Visit a farmer’s market

Spend a Sunday at your favourite farmer’s market and pick out some fresh fruits and veggies as a snack for later.

mom and daughter at the Farmer's market Photo: iStockphoto

11Make all things maple

This tasty pancake-topper isn’t just for the fall season. Enjoy making these maple scones or yummy maple hot chocolate for a yummy spring evening.

tray with mugs of hot chocolate Photo: Maya Visnyei


12Collect rocks

Whether you’re at the beach or park, collect the biggest (and smoothest) rocks you can find. Add them to your collection or use them to make crafts.

two girls collecting rocks Photo: iStockphoto

13Play hopscotch

You might think this game is too simple, but it’s always a great time-killer and super fun to play at any age. Make sure you buy some sidewalk chalk for this activity.

little girl playing hopscotch Photo: iStockphoto

14Get gardening

Now is the time to start planting flowers in the yard. Your little ones will love getting messy in the fresh soil and being on garden hose duty.

mom and kids planting a garden outside Photo: iStockphoto


15Go for a hike

What better way to explore the fresh outdoors than to go on a hike through a forest or trail? Try to stay quiet as you venture through to see if you can hear (or see) the animals coming out of winter hibernation.

outdoor hike with baby Photo: iStockphoto

16Build a race car

Put those old cardboard boxes to use by personalizing your very own cardboard race car. If you have any leftovers, try making one of these 11 awesome crafts you can make with a cardboard box.

50 Fun Family Spring Activities

17Visit a butterfly conservatory

Head out and explore all of the different kinds of beautiful butterfly species as these flutter around you. If there isn’t a conservatory near you, simply study the butterflies in the great outdoors and see how many you can find.

two kids looking at a butterfly with a magnifying glass Photo: iStockphoto


18Wash your car

Pick a warmer day to get the kids to help you out with cleaning up your family vehicle(s) on the driveway.

two kids and their dad washing a car Photo: iStockphoto

19Paint rocks

Take those rocks you’ve collected and make a craft day out of it. Paint them with your favourite colours and turn them into rock magnets for the fridge.

hand painting rocks Photo: iStockphoto

20Take lots of pictures

Make sure that while living in the moment, you don’t forget to snap photos of the silly and fun times, too. Print the photos and have the kids help you finally put together that scrapbook or album you’ve wanted to make.

family taking a silly selfie in the kitchen Photo: iStockphoto


21Check out a conservation area or greenhouse

Make some amazing memories at one of your regional conservation areas or greenhouses. It will be fun to explore and the kids will love learning something new every step of the way—win-win! Plus, if you’re all feeling inspired afterwards, you can take what you’ve learned and make your own terrarium.

mom and daughter in a greenhouse Photo: iStockphoto

22Pick some berries

Go on a hunt and see who can pick the most berries (without eating them, of course!)

little girl picking berries Photo: iStockphoto

23Dance in the rain

Bundle up in your best rain gear and take advantage of the spring showers. Have a dance party outside in the drizzle (umbrellas optional), then cozy up for a cuddle session by the fire to warm up.

child playing in the rain, sticking tongue out Photo: iStockphoto


24Walk your dog

Stretch your legs and take your family pet on that much-awaited walk, sans snow. No dog? Then take the kids to your local dog park and watch man’s best friends enjoy the warm weather.

Kids and dad with the family dog Photo: iStockphoto

25Feed some chipmunks

Go to the nearest park and bring some chipmunk-friendly food along. Have fun feeding your new, furry friends right out of the palm of your hand!

feeding a chipmunk Photo: iStockphoto

26Visit a petting zoo or farm

Take a look online to see when petting zoos or farms open up in your area and spend a day feeding and petting adorable animals.

little boy feeding a goat at the petting zoo Photo: iStockphoto


27Jump in puddles

Throw on your rain boots and explore the outdoors after a rainstorm. Find the biggest mud puddles and jump in them to see who can make the biggest splash. Or bring some toy boats and watch them race across to the finish. This is probably a good time to suggest a pair of Today's Parent-approved rainboots for kids.

two boys splashing in a puddle Photo: iStockphoto

28Build a fort

Any time of the year is the perfect time to build a fort. Why not bring your sleeping bags and extra blankets outside and build the best outdoor fort the world has ever seen? Or if your little one is scared of creepy crawlers, keep the fort-building party indoors.

dad and daughter in a fort Photo: iStockphoto

29Go to the beach

Pack the kids and a cooler full of goodies in the car and head over to the nearest beach. Enjoy a fun-filled day of sand and much-needed sunshine.

little boy playing in the sand at the beach Photo: iStockphoto


30Take a road trip

Pack up the car and take a weekend road trip to somewhere you haven’t been. Listen to kid-friendly podcasts or take any of these 13 fun road trip toys along to keep them busy.

family taking a road trip in their car Photo: iStockphoto

31Head to the park

What better way to get your kid’s extra energy out than at the park? Climb the monkey bars with them or race down the slides—it’ll be a day they won’t forget!

little girl playing at the park Photo: iStockphoto

32Jump rope

The good weather means there’s no better time to start a jump rope competition. Get the whole neighbourhood involved! We love these adjustable jump ropes.

kids playing jump rope Photo: iStockphoto


33Go to the library

Get your kid to pick out some great bedtime stories for the week at your nearest library. Most libraries offer free story times and other fun activities.

little boy reading a book inside a library Photo: iStockphoto

34Draw with chalk

Sprawl out on the sidewalk with a big bucket of chalk or spruce up your driveway with your wildest creations.

little girl playing with chalk Photo: iStockphoto

35Go bird-watching

Teach your kids about all the different kinds of bird species as you watch them migrate home.

kid with binoculars Photo: iStockphoto


36Play with outdoor toys

Have fun outside with your kids’ favourite toys. Sounds simple, right? It is, and the kids will be so happy to show you how they play with their most prized possessions.

family playing with a ride on toy outside Photo: iStockphoto

37Host a playdate

Arrange a playdate with a neighbour or head outside and let your kid make some friends at the park or on your street.

kids having a playdate Photo: iStockphoto

38Hit the splash pad

On those warmer days, head over to your local splash pad and let the little ones run wild through the sprinklers and mist machines.

little girl running through a splash pad Photo: iStockphoto


39Read outside

Not all books have to be saved for bedtime. Pick a few classics, sit outside in the sunshine and immerse yourselves in story time.

mom and kids reading a book outside Photo: iStockphoto

40Put together a scavenger hunt

Kids love nature, so why not do a treasure hunt outside. Make a list of spring objects (rocks, pine cones, etc.) to look out for, and check them off as you find them outside.

little boy with a blue car Photo: iStockphoto

41Roll down a hill

Get messy and let the giggle fit begin! Roll down the biggest hill you can find to see who can get to the bottom first. Tip: You might want to wear old clothes because of those pesky grass stains!

father and sons laughing in a field Photo: iStockphoto


42Star gaze

Use a telescope or just sit outside on your front porch and look at the beautiful constellations on a clear, Spring night.

little girl star gazing Photo: iStockphoto

43Play some street hockey

Even without the ice, you and the kids can enjoy Canada’s favourite game outside. Play ball hockey on the driveway or on a safe corner of the street (with supervision, of course.)

little boys playing street hockey Photo: iStockphoto

44Have a swinging contest

Swing side by side and have a competition to see who can swing the highest.

little girl swinging in the park Photo: iStockphoto


45Tetherball is always fun

There’s nothing like a ball attached to a string to keep you and the kiddies entertained for hours.

little girl playing tetherball at the park Photo: iStockphoto

46Water balloon fight

Get out the hose and fill up a ton of balloons for an epic water balloon fight in the backyard. Gather the kids from around the neighbourhood and team off for the ultimate balloon battle.

water balloons Photo: iStockphoto

47Browse around

Take the kids to the nearest garage sale to look around, or spend a lazy afternoon window shopping outdoors or inside your local mall.

family window shopping Photo: iStockphoto


48Play baseball

Grab a ball, bat and glove and prep for baseball season. Any park will do!

dad and son playing baseball Photo: iStockphoto

49Have a picnic

Nothing beats a spring picnic. Pack a basket of goodies and sprawl on a blanket in the park (or your backyard) while enjoying the sun on your faces.

50 Fun Family Spring Activities Photo: iStockphoto

50Watch the sunset

The best ending to the perfect spring day is watching the sunset with the little ones before calling it a night.

family watching the sunset Photo: iStockphoto

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This article was originally published on Mar 28, 2022

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