Women reveal the insensitive comments they've heard after a miscarriage

A miscarriage is heartbreaking—but people's comments about it shouldn't be. These women are trying to change the conversation about pregnancy loss.

A photo series released by the women’s empowerment group RISE for Women features moms who have experienced miscarriage or infant loss with the aim to start a conversation about miscarriage. “We are the face of one in four pregnancies,” reads a Facebook post that introduces the campaign.

Dana Dewedoff, founder of RISE for Women, named this mission “Project Benjamin” after losing her son to miscarriage. She wanted to reach out to other women going through similar heartaches and end the stigma associated with infant loss. 30 women share the one thing that helped them most after a miscarriage

Unfortunately, current discussions about miscarriage often involve comments that are hurtful, even if they’re not meant to be. So the women in this powerful roundup wrote down the wounding things people have said to them about the loss of their babies and held them in their photos. The project offers fellow grieving parents an opportunity to connect with women who’ve undergone similar experiences and spreads awareness about the how little attention our society gives to pregnancy loss. Here are a few of the photos:

We love what this photo campaign stands for, and we hope it will encourage everyone to show more empathy to women who’ve had miscarriages—and to think before they say something insensitive.

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