Comedian Ali Wong's going to get real about parenthood and we can't wait

Ali Wong's back and ready to tell you all about her postpartum woes.

Ali Wong during her Baby Cobra special

Photo: Netflix via YouTube

If you haven’t watched comedian Ali Wong’s Netflix special, Baby Cobra, go do yourself a favour and watch it right now. If you already have, well, you’ll be glad to hear that she just announced she’s coming to Canada with new mom jokes and they’re gonna be funnier than ever.

Chapped nipples! Breastfeeding! Poop-filled diapers! These were all the topics covered at Wong’s recent NYC shows and will soon be coming to Vancouver in May and to Toronto in September for the JFL42 comedy festival.

If her Baby Cobra special is any indication, we know her new jokes will definitely be NSFW (but honestly, that’s what makes them so amazing). Wong doesn’t hold back and isn’t afraid to rock that bump while getting real about topics many female comedians dare not touch, like miscarriage. She already broke a huge barrier by being the first comedian to do standup while so visibly pregnant. 


According to The Cut, it was just this past weekend that Wong joked about being drawn to a glittery H&M jumpsuit because of how much her own spark has died post-baby, and how after she gave birth, she wore sweatpants while performing until a fellow comedian friend told her to stop.


Want to get hyped for her new material? You’re in luck—Baby Cobra‘s still on Netflix! But meanwhile, just check out this bit on being a bad mommy:

….or this one about just wanting to chill out as a woman:

Pregnancy and becoming a parent is a real rollercoaster, for sure—especially in the first year—and we can definitely count on Wong to keep everyone laughing about the lows. We love her brutally honest, hilarious take on becoming a mom.

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