This parent salary calculator puts a dollar value on all your thankless work (and it's a lot!)

Have you ever imagined how much you'd make if you were paid for your tireless work as a parent? According to this new tool, you'd be rich!

This parent salary calculator puts a dollar value on all your thankless work (and it's a lot!)

Photo: Funky Pigeon

Being a parent means wearing many different hats, from playtime buddy to personal chef to boo-boo healer. With all the cleaning, cooking and round-the-clock care that goes into raising a tiny human—does it ever end?—parenting truly is a full-time job.

But how much would you make if you were actually paid for your countless day-to-day tasks? UK retailer Funky Pigeon has created a new parent salary calculator to tell you just that, and the results are jaw-dropping.

Using wage and salary data for eight Canadian jobs (think: driving, teaching and nursing), personalized for every province in the country, they've calculated that the average Canadian stay-at-home parent would earn $325,753.82 per year. To put that into perspective, you'd be bringing home almost as much bacon as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose annual salary is $347,400. If that isn't enough to make you do a double take, they break it down further by city.

Moms and dads in Ottawa would bring in a whopping average of $357,216. Couples in Toronto would rake in $348,844.80. If you live in Calgary, $338,745.60 would be your yearly income.

If you're brave enough to test it out, enter your city and the hours you spend each week on a variety of tasks—you'll see just how fast those laundry gigs, drives to friends' houses and stints as personal psychologist add up. The tool will then pull the annual salaries for each job before adding it all up to give you a total yearly #ParentSalary.

If you ever needed another reason to teach your kids the value of money, we'd say now is a great time to show them how much work it is to be a parent. And let us know just how much your tireless efforts are worth on Facebook!

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