This is what parenting will look like in 2026

Bouncers that tell you your baby's emotions? And stuffed animals that depict virtual realities. The future of baby gear, toys and more is going to be super cool.

Raising a kid is never the same for anyone, but your experience certainly isn’t the same as your parents’. That’s especially true when you think of the toys you’ve probably bought for your kid compared to what you had. No more Cabbage Patch dolls! Nowadays, there’s tablets for toddlers, robots that respond to voice commands and even ViewMasters that simulate virtual realities. So have you ever thought about what’s to come in 10 years? Fisher Price has and it isn’t what you’d expect.

After conducting research with global design firm Continuum, Fisher Price imagines what’s to come in a video dubbed “Future of Parenting.” If you were hoping the future will look like The Jetsons or Back to the Future, then you may be a bit disappointed. Technology will be used in different ways than we would’ve thought.

Photo: Fisher Price via YouTube

Photo: Fisher Price via YouTube

According to the video, parents in 2026 will have baby monitors that will be able to indicate the exact reasons for your babe’s disrupted sleeping. Hallelujah, no more guessing if she’s hungry or wet at 2 a.m.! This monitor makes sure to alert the parent whose REM cycle is most closely aligned with the baby’s.

Bouncers will be digital, too. When your baby sleeps, it’ll go into sleep mode, but when he wakes, the bouncer projects cute holograms that depict your baby’s emotions. Hopefully, it’s a happy baby!

Photo: Fisher Price via YouTube

Photo: Fisher Price via YouTube

Toys will still look old-school, but they’ll have awesome digital aspects. For example, wooden walkers will project—and eat up— holographic, interactive numbers. And no more boring stuffed animals. In 2026, stuffies will project a virtual play atmosphere.

Photo: Fisher Price via YouTube

Photo: Fisher Price via YouTube

And say goodbye to scratching or marking up your kitchen wall to track your kid’s growth. Memory trees (interactive projections on your wall) will be able to track not only your kid’s physical growth, but their emotional and cognitive growth, too. You’ll also be able to add cute pictures of them at each stage.

Your kids probably won’t ever draw on the walls again, either—”smart” windows will keep them entertained for hours. Can the future come faster, please?

Though these gadgets and toys are the predictions for 2026, Fisher Price said in a press release that they’ve already started working on “prototyping actual tech-enabled products” that might be available as soon as next year!

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