This grieving mom gave her best friend her breastmilk

After losing her baby, Sarah helped her friend in the most touching way.

By Emily Rivas

Photo: Lauren Casper via Instagram Photo: Lauren Casper via Instagram

Both Sarah Rieke and her best friend Lauren Casper were expecting—Sarah was 20 weeks pregnant and Lauren, after struggling with infertility, was awaiting the arrival of her adopted daughter, Arsema, from Ethiopia.

But when the time came for Sarah to get her 20-week ultrasound, she found out her baby wouldn't live long outside the womb. Sarah's daughter Evie was born in November and lived for four hours.

And so, one friend prepared a funeral while the other prepared a nursery.

Photo: Sarah Rieke via Instagram Photo: Sarah Rieke via Instagram

Shortly after Arsema had arrived (and before Evie was born), Sarah approached her friend saying, “I was wondering if you would like to have my breastmilk after Evie is born. I thought maybe you could use it to feed Arsema. I don’t know how long I’ll pump or how much I’ll be able to produce, but I’d love to give it to you if you want it.”

Wow! Talk about a selfless friend. Lauren wrote about her experience here, sharing how every week her friend would drop off a cooler filled with bags of breastmilk.

"Sarah was longing to do something meaningful and in a way her feeding my daughter helped heal a tiny piece of her broken heart."

This article was originally published on Jun 02, 2016