Kim Kardashian talks Saint West, North's style and hand-me-downs

Wait, Kim Kardashian uses hand-me-downs? Yep, the star gave us the scoop on her kids and tells us all about the new Kardashian Kids line at Hudson's Bay.

Photo: Kim Kardashian West Photo: Kim Kardashian West

Saint West may only be four months old, but he's already got style. At least, that's what mama Kim Kardashian West says.

I was lucky enough to chat to Kim about her stylish kids, hand-me-downs (yes, she uses them!) and the newest collection for Kardashian Kids—which is now available in stores and online at Hudson's Bay.

Photo: Kardashian Kids Photo: Kardashian Kids

Even if you aren't a fan of the Kardashians, their new line is super-adorable! There are lots of sweet floral dresses with pleated details (I want one in my size!) and rompers in ombre denim.

Photo: Kardashian Kids Photo: Kardashian Kids

For boys, there are collared shirts complete with bow ties (too cute!) and soft sweatpants that I can totally picture Saint wearing.


While North is frequently outfitted in designer duds costing thousands of dollars, the Kardashian Kids line is surprisingly affordable. Prices range from $29.99 to $54.99 and sizes go from infant to 7T.

Now, onto the interview! Find out North's favourite colour, what Saint's style is like and why having two kids is a game-changer for Kim!

AA: How do you feel like life has changed now that you’ve gone from one kid to two?

Kim: It’s a whole different world. My mom used to always say how different it is with two, and it really, really is. It's hard—all the free time you thought you had, you look back and you’re like, one is so different. Now one is always needy for something and you just don’t have free time at this point. And all the free time you had just now goes to the other baby.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 1.51.54 PM


AA: You don't even have free time at 4 a.m. because you're up breastfeeding.

Kim: Totally! That's the hardest. I feel like a zombie.

kardashian-kids-floral-dress Photo: Kardashian Kids

AA: In the past you’ve talked about how North is really into neutrals and as a baby she didn’t really like pink. Do you feel like Saint already has his own style?

Kim: Totally! North has totally changed. Now her favourite colour is pink. Obviously she was so little and that was me not wanting to put her in pink. I just know that people change, especially when you’re a kid. But I do think that Saint has his own style. I think that it’s really simple and I’m still figuring it out. Right now, it’s like the onesie phase so you don’t have to do a whole lot.

Photo: Kim Kardashian West via Twitter Photo: Kim Kardashian West via Twitter

AA: Kids often like to pick out their own clothes and sometimes their choices are a bit crazy or not weather-appropriate. Do you have any tips on how to deal with that?

Kim: You just have to go with the flow. My daughter likes costumes, so I do costumes in the morning if there’s no activity that has to happen really early. But sometimes it’s just so early and we gotta get up and go. It’s all about bribing—a sugar-free lollipop will get you really far. And my daughter likes to dress like me so if I’m like, “Look, you have this necklace like mommy,” she’ll say, “Oh, my gosh, okay!” So she’ll want to put it on. But my tip is that costumes are always acceptable in the morning, sometimes late at night. And she picks out her pyjamas. She can mix and match—sometimes she likes to wear two sets together. She likes to wear Mickey ears, Minnie ears, so I go with that. And when it’s time to leave the house and change, she totally listens to me on what to wear there.

Perfect for Saint! Photo: Kardashian Kids Perfect for Saint! Photo: Kardashian Kids

AA: Let's talk about the new line for Kardashian Kids. Why will moms love it?


Kim: I love it when I have an outfit where I can just mix and match pieces and just know that it’ll all go together and it’ll all look really cute. And a lot of the pieces in the collection just go together—even if we didn’t intentionally plan for it. I love all the little camo stuff and the boy stuff is so cute. The boy stuff is a little newer for us. We started with a girl’s collection so it’s so fun to now figure out all the boys’ stuff.

Inspired by Kanye? Photo: Kardashian Kids Inspired by Kanye? Photo: Kardashian Kids

AA: Do you feel like Kanye inspired any of the pieces?

Kim: He actually didn’t. This was so me! I would say moreso Kourtney and, like, Mason (Kourtney's eldest son) because Mason is so particular. So this was a little bit more Mason this time and I see a lot of Reign in this collection. I don’t know if it’s just because Kourtney and I are really big on hand-me downs, so I don’t know if I’m just seeing Mason’s old style. And North wears a lot of neutrals too, especially when she was a little bit younger. Kourtney and I had a bigger hand in designing this, more so than Khloe. She doesn’t know firsthand what it’s like to need the functionality—with zippers and snaps and all of that when you have like two seconds to get the kid ready, you know? She just signs off on designs and what looks good for her. But I wouldn’t really say Kanye was involved in this.

Photo: Kardashian Kids Photo: Kardashian Kids


AA: That’s really great that you have a hand in it and as a mom can say, "This is not gonna work—this is too many buttons or too many snaps."

Kim: You have no time to button up something! I used to buy these pieces from Paris that had all these crazy buttons and the detail looked so nice. It took me forever to try and get my daughter ready. I was exhausted by the time we were ready to leave. It took forever and I was always late, so now everything is all about functionality, what’s comfortable, and cute.

North West enjoying a sugar-free lollipop. Photo: Kim Kardashian West via Instagram North West enjoying a sugar-free lollipop. Photo: Kim Kardashian West via Instagram

AA: What are your mom essentials?

Kim: Sunglasses, because I don’t have a lot of time to put on makeup; I always have a diaper bag ready to go that just has everything from wipes to diapers to a change of clothes, especially in the summertime. I always have like a bathing suit, a swim diaper. I always make sure at the end of the day I come home and I refill it with a little organic snack. And some type of stickers, toy, phone device, little iPad—anything that’s an essential. And lollipops!

This article was originally published on Apr 11, 2016

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