Doll in the Hall is the creepiest Elf on the Shelf parody

Calling all Halloween-obsessed parents! You're gonna love this creepy Elf on the Shelf knockoff that is sure to give the kids a scare.

By Kevin John Siazon

Doll in the Hall is the creepiest Elf on the Shelf parody

Photo: Doll in the Hall via Facebook

Can you believe it? It's almost Halloween! If your family loves all things scary and spooky, this mom has just the thing to put you in the Halloween spirit: Doll in the Hall!

Everyone knows (and may be sick of) Elf of the Shelf, the mischievous elf that gets into all kinds of hijinks every night in December to make sure your kids behave for Santa. Well, mom-of-two Natasha Hudarovich, created Doll in the Hall, his creepy counterpart, to haunt your children every day in October. Sounds fun, right?

Hudarovich posted her idea on Facebook and people are loving it. Take a look:

Creepy or hilarious? That "extra festive touch" is downright cruel if you ask us, but people loved her idea so much that she created a separate Doll in the Hall Facebook page where the internet can keep up with her antics. Check out some of her latest setups:

Hudarovich told CafeMom that she got the idea when her daughter, who likes to collects porcelain "creepy dolls," decided that that one doll was too freaky and tried to throw it away. "I saw the opportunity to prank her and I took it!" Hudarovich said. "She pranks me every day and I finally got back at her."

Now, if your kids don't like being scared, you probably shouldn't adopt this idea. You know your kids best, so you can decide if they can handle it—we wouldn't want any lasting childhood trauma happening here.

Hudarovich, however, says her kids are totally into it. She says her daughter is more curious about the mystery than scared. "She reads a lot, so she’s asking the typical haunted doll questions: What does she want? Where did she come from? How do we get rid of her? It’s awesome watching her 7-year-old mind solving the Mystery of the Haunted Doll."

Her son also thinks the haunted doll is cool. "He wants to do everything his big sister does, so he’s having a lot of fun with it. It’s a surprise every morning where she’ll be and how she got there. They’re into creepy things, Halloween, zombies, scary stories, so they’re very entertained by it and very excited to have their own story to tell."

Although we think this is a hilarious way to gear up for Halloween, we definitely would be too freaked out to try it ourselves. What would happen if she actually started moving around the house on her own? NO THANK YOU.