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Your baby: 11.5 months old

First words, how to be part of a happy couple and crib safety. Learn all about life with your 11.5-month-old.

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First words Has your baby's first word emerged from his long streams of delightful babble yet? Many babies utter their first real word within a few months of their first birthday. Don't be surprised if words other than “ma-ma” or “da-da” are unintelligible as far as the rest of the world is concerned. He may say “daw” for “dog” or “ba” for “bottle.” Listen closely and try to verify what he means, but don't correct him. Instead, applaud his use of language and incorporate the correct word into a loving response. Over time, he'll pick it up. Discover more about how babies learn language.

What’s your favourite stage so far? The moment you first fell in love with your newborn? The sunny delight of a playful eight-month-old? Of course we love our kids at all ages, but often there’s a particular stage that’s especially magical. As your baby reaches his first birthday, you may be looking back nostalgically at how much he’s grown and changed in 12 short months. It’s astounding — and there are so many wonderful things to look forward to.

Tips from the trenches “Trust your instincts. You know your baby best.” — Suzi, mom of two

10 habits of happy couples This has probably been a wild year for your relationship, with so many changes and unexpected feelings to deal with as you welcomed a new baby into your home and your lives. You’ve gotten the hang of parenting now, but as you move into this second year, where things like work outside the home and your child’s temperament may play bigger roles, it’s important to keep checking in on each other so your relationship stays strong.

Even the most blissful of partners get the urge to fling the occasional forkful of mashed potatoes at each other for leaving crumbs in the butter. But that aside, happy couples do some simple, practical things to keep the spark bright. You can too.

Did you know? On average, more than 9,500 children under two years of age are injured in accidents associated with cribs, playpens or bassinets each year in the US, mostly due to falls. As your baby grows into toddlerhood, it’s important to anticipate his growing abilities, especially if he’s a climber. Here’s what you need to know about crib safety.

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