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Crib recall: Bednest Bedside Cribs

Bednest Bedside Cribs are being recalled in Canada after an infant death was reported in the UK.

bedside crib recall Photo: Health Canada

Health Canada has announced a recall involving Bednest Bedside Cribs. One side of the crib is lower than the others so that it fits neatly beside a bed—posing risks to the infant of falling or entrapment when a gap is potentially created between the bed and the crib (for example, when the parent lies down to feed the infant). Such bedside sleeping products do not meet Canadian requirements under the Cribs, Cradles and Bassinets Regulation.

Tragically, Health Canada was notified of the death of a seven-week-old baby in the UK, "who strangled when she became entrapped with her neck on the top rail of the lowered side of the bedside sleeping product." No incidents have been reported in Canada.

Please visit Health Canada for complete details on this recall.
If you have this product: Discontinue use of this product immediately. Health Canada also reminds the public not to leave a child unsupervised in a bedside sleeping product with the side down.

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