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Baby wrap recall: Chimparoo Versatile cardi-wraps

Health Canada has announced the recall of Chimparoo Versatile cardi-wraps in black. The product poses a fall hazard for infants.

By Today's Parent

Health Canada has announced the recall of long- and short-sleeved Chimparoo Versatile cardi-wraps. The product is available in several colours, but only the black cardi-wraps are affected.

The supporting black fabric on the cardi-wrap has shown evidence of premature deterioration. After two years, the fabric deteriorates to the point where it can easily tear—ultimately posing a fall hazard for infants.

No injuries have been reported.

If you have this product: Immediately discontinue use and contact the company, VIJA design INC., at 1-855-289-5343 to exchange it for a similar (beige) organic fabric that is reliable and unaffected.

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