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RECALL: Britax recalls over 700,000 strollers

Britax is recalling two of their most popular strollers due to a falling hazard. Find out if your stroller is affected.

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RECALL: Britax recalls over 700,000 strollers


Britax Child Safety, Inc. has recalled all of their Britax B-Agile and BOB Motion strollers that have Click & Go receiver mounts which attach the car seat carrier to the stroller frame. The recall was issued because the receiver mount if damaged may cause a car seat to fall unexpectedly when using the stroller as a travel system. Over 700,000 strollers are affected in the recall, including folding, single, and double-occupant strollers.

The following model numbers are included:

  • B-Agile: S01298600, S01298700, S01635200, S02063600, S02063700, S02063800, S02063900, S02064000, S03803400, S03803500, S03803700, S03803800, S03803900, S04144400, S04144500, S04144600, S04144700, S04144800, S04144900, S04145000, S04183700, S04183800, S04184000, S04281200, S04281300, S04402800, S04437700, S04628500, S04884200, S04884300, S04884400, S04884500, S04975600, S04978900, S05060600, S05260200, S05511600, S05511700, S865800, S865900, S874300, S874400, S874500, S877200, S890100, S896000, S896200, S896600, S907200, S907300, S907400, S907500, S907600, S910200, S910300, S910400, S910500, S912300, S914300, S914500, S914700, S914900, S915200, S915400, S917400, S921800, S921900, S923700, U341763, U341764, U341782, U341783, U341825, U341826, U341828, U341X82, U34X782, U361763, U361818, U361819, U361825, U391875, U451835, U451837, U451841, U461763, U461764, U461782, U461783, U461825, U461826, U461828, U471818, U471819, U491842, U491843, U491844, U491908, U491909, U491910, U511875, U511877, U551835, U551837, U551841, U551861, U551862, U551863, U551864, U551865, U551905, U551906, U691878, U691879, U691881, U691882, U691884, U691904, U691905, U721895, U721896
  • BOB Motion: S888600, S890200, S890300, S890400, S890500, S909700, S910600, S910700, S910800, S910900, S912600, U391820, U391821, U391822, U481820, U481821, U481822, U501820, U501821, U501822, U501907

Britax Child Safety, Inc. has received 118 reports of consumer incidents in Canada with 1 report of injury (a bump to the head). In the United States, the company has received 1,219 reports of consumer incidents and 32 reports of car seats unexpectedly disconnecting from the strollers and falling to the ground, resulting in 25 injury reports, including scratches, bruises, cuts, and bumps to the head.

Approximately 36,000 units of the affected products were sold in Canada, approximately 676,000 were sold in the United States, and approximately 4,600 were sold in Mexico, between May 1, 2011 to February 15, 2016.

The company notes that the recall does not affect the safety performance of the stroller or car seat when they are used independently from one another.

What should you do?

If you have this stroller, you should immediately stop using the Click & Go receivers and contact Britax for further instructions about disposing the receivers and remedy options. You can continue to use the stroller or car seat independently without the car seat attached to the stroller.


Remedy kits can be requested by visiting the company's website or by contacting Britax Customer Service Department at the dedicated recall line: 844-227-0300 from 8:30 7 p.m. ET Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET Saturday.  If you live outside of the US or Canada, you should e-mail Britax.

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