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Infant car seat recall: Learning Curve VIA 1470C

Health Canada has announced the recall of various Learning Curve VIA 1470C infant car seats. Consumers are being asked to dispose of the product immediately.

First Years VIA I470C Infant Car Seat item Y11228C First Years VIA I470C Infant Car Seat—item No. Y11228C

Health Canada has announced a recall involving various Learning Curve VIA I470 infant car seats. To determine if you have an affected product, look for the brand name "Lamaze" on the front of the car seat, and the words “The First Years” on its visor. There will be a sticker on the back of the seat with the words "Learning Curve" and the product's date code, model and item numbers. Check for those numbers on health Canada's complete list of affected car seats.

The car seats are being recalled because they failed Transport Canada's updated compliance program tests—they didn't meet the new limits set for chest and head injury. The simulated crash test, moreover, determined that the seat could come loose in a collision and possibly increase risk of injury both to the infant and other passengers in the vehicle. "It was found during a simulated crash test the adjustable recline foot might not remain in its installed position," Health Canada reports, "which might introduce slack in the vehicle seat belt or Universal Anchorage System (UAS) belt."

The recalled products were sold from June 2011 to March 2014. 6,117 have been sold across Canada. No injuries have been reported in relation to this recall.

If you have this product:  Take one photo of your car seat and another of the sticker, including the date, for proof of ownership, and then dispose of the car seat according to municipal guidelines—"and in such a way that the product could no longer be used," Health Canada advises. For more information, visit the Learning Curve website.

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