Your toddler: 19 months old

Your child’s temperament, water play and teething with molars. Learn all about life with your 19-month-old.

Photo: iStockphoto

Photo: iStockphoto

Temperamental tots
Children are different — true individuals — from the time they are tiny. Some hardly cry, some seem to cry almost all the time; some are relaxed and sleepy while others are alert and full of energy. These innate differences can be chalked up to temperament, an aspect of your child’s personality that is hers for life.

After 19 months with your toddler, you probably have a very keen sense of her temperament: Does she hang back when faced with a new situation, or dive right in? Do you have to be careful about socks or sweaters that might irritate her, or is she happy to wear anything? Making a real effort to recognize and work with your child’s temperament is an important step in understanding who she is and supporting her development.

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Tick, tick…tantrum!
Toddlers and meltdowns: the two go together, unfortunately, like cookies and milk. It’s not that toddlers try to be difficult, it’s just that they don’t know how to deal with the everyday stresses of life. But sometimes a little extra vigilance on your part can ward off a brewing storm. The key is to take preventative action.

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Splish splash
You can pour it, splash it, trickle or dump it. You can collect it in a container, but if the container has holes in the bottom, it runs out. It’s warm in the bathtub, but cold and shocking out of the hose. If you drink it out of a cup, your clothes stay dry, but if you spill the cup, you’re suddenly wet. Is it any wonder that toddlers love to play with water?

Learn how to incorporate water play (beyond bathtime!) into your toddler’s day.

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Teething: Round 2
We usually think of teething as a baby trouble, but toddlers may suffer more. In her second year, your child may cut two sets of molars. If she doesn’t have her first molars already, she will soon, with the second set probably emerging around her second birthday. And since they are big and blunt, they can really hurt on the way through, so be prepared with soothing solutions for handling inflammation and pain.

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A healthier, happier you
Finding it hard to get back to the gym since having your baby? It’s not surprising. Life is quite a juggling act for moms and exercise is often the first thing to go when time gets tight. But did you know you can do your body good with our 20-minute, at-home routine? Only one way to find out!

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Originally published on Oct. 23, 2011.