Great indoor toddler games to fight cabin fever

What’s the hardest month for parenting? Depends on where you live, but November and February are certainly contenders everywhere. Look no further for simple, TV-free fun when the weather outside is frightful


Dance, dance!
Put on some music and have a little swirl or a hop around the kitchen with your little partner.

Sock toss
Grab a laundry basket and a pile of rolled-up socks, stand a few feet away, and see who has great aim.

Window colour wash
Cover the sills carefully and help your child paint some colourful tempera-paint flowers (or blobs) on the window for a springtime vista. To clean up, spray with water, then wipe with paper towels.

Frog hopping
Arrange a few hand towels on your carpet (not on slippery surfaces) for some jumping fun.

Hall ball
If you have a hallway (with no breakables on the wall) and a big soft ball, you and your toddler can have an informal soccer game.

Water baby
It’s not quite like the beach, but water is always fun (with supervision). Fill a shallow dishpan and let your toddler splash and scoop with spoons, funnel, colander, etc. Or maybe he’d like to wash plastic dishes or doll clothes.

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