6 healthy popsicle recipes

These easy-to-make frozen popsicle recipes are full of fresh fruit and healthy ingredients!


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  1. The EASIEST posicle and a very tastyy & healthy option is just use yogurt that has lots of fruit in it (we’re partial to Astro; we do NOT use food products that aren’t “real” so we use only yogurt with REAL sugar and all the regular fat — which isn’t really that much, still BY FAR less than ice cream– NOT gelatin).
    You can layer different flavours to make stripes and add berries if you have some kicking around just a titch over-ripe, or an open bag in the freezer that you need to use up. My daughter prefers the yopgurt-sicles to any other frozen treat recipe, and the BEST thing for me is that it doesn’t make a mess in my kitchen! Just a few spoons is all it takes!.


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