Your Pregnancy: Week 35

Your baby’s hearing is fully developed now, her lungs are nearly mature, and her nervous system is continuing to develop.

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Your baby

• This week your baby tips the scales at 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) and she’s about 47 cm (18.5 in) long from head to toe.

• Your baby is continuing to put on weight and develop layers of fat, which will help her regulate her body temperature after she’s born.

When your water breaks

The amniotic fluid that your baby floats in is contained by membranes, called the bag of waters. These membranes usually break right before labour begins or during labour. However, sometimes they can break hours or even days before the onset of labour. When your water breaks, you’ll likely feel a warm gush of water followed by steady leaking. Call your caregiver right away. Once the membranes rupture, they can no longer protect your baby from infection. You’ll want to keep your vaginal area as clean as possible and avoid taking a bath or having sex.

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Labour day tips: will you have a C-section?

Every labour is different: some women have a long period of “prelabour” before things really get moving, others have extremely fast labours, and a lucky few really do experience very little pain.

On the other hand, sometimes things don’t work out, and the baby needs to be delivered by Caesarean section. The Caesarean rate has been rising — about one-quarter of births in Canada are by C-section now — so you may want to discuss this potential scenario with your caregiver and learn what to expect, just in case. There’s been lots of talk lately about elective Caesarean delivery. If this tempts you, it’s important to remember that although surgical birth may seem “easier” at the time, the recovery period is much tougher, especially with a newborn baby to look after.

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So much to do, so little time!

Only about a month to go — how did that happen!? If you’re feeling so not ready, don’t freak out. All your baby really needs is diapers, a car seat and a safe place to sleep — the rest can be added later.

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