Your Pregnancy: Week 14

Congratulations! You’re officially into your 2nd trimester of pregnancy. For many women (unfortunately, not all) this milestone means the end of morning sickness and a welcome boost in energy levels. Go Mama!

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Your baby

• If you’re wondering how big your baby is now, just make a fist with your hand. She’s about the same size. From the crown of her head to the bottom of her buttocks, she measures about 80 to 93 mm (3.1 to 3.7 in) long, and weighs about 25 g (0.9 oz).
• Your baby’s face is starting to take on a human shape. Her eyes, which began forming on the sides of her head, are moving closer together, and her ears have moved to where you would expect to find them at the sides of her head.
• Her neck is getting longer and now she can hold her chin up from her chest.

Your bump

Chances are your uterus is too big to fit inside your pelvis now. Can you feel it above your pubic bone? It may feel like a smooth ball. Your uterus will continue to grow up into your abdomen. At this point in your pregnancy, you probably feel like you’ve lost your waist and gained some weight on your sides, hips and legs.

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Loving your body, or… not so much?

While some women feel ripe with life and delight in their physical changes during pregnancy, others are uncomfortable with their new shape or worry that they won’t be able to lose the extra weight after they give birth. It’s also natural to wonder if you’re still attractive and desirable to your partner. Rest assured, many men find pregnant women very beautiful and sexually alluring!

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Your love life

You’ve probably already discovered that sex during pregnancy is, well, an up and down experience. As you go through the many physical and hormonal changes of pregnancy, your sexual feelings change, too. If you’ve felt nauseous and exhausted for most of the first trimester, for example, you obviously haven’t been in the mood for sex. But that may change completely during the second trimester, when you’re feeling better and discover that the increased blood flow in pregnancy has some unexpected benefits.

On the other hand, you may find you’re interested (or not) in sex throughout your entire pregnancy, right up until the onset of labour. There’s just no way to predict how your libido may rise or fall.

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You said it! Advice from real moms

“Buy some long, non-maternity tank tops. They will fit most of the way through your pregnancy and will extend your wardrobe by creating a great layering piece without showing your tummy as you grow. They are way cheaper than maternity wear, and you can wear them again after.” – Kate, mom of three

Vitamin D: how much?

The benefits of Vitamin D have been in the news a lot lately, but the research is not conclusive and the controversy around the issue is a little scary: too much can cause heart and kidney damage. If you’re considering taking a D supplement, discuss the optimum dose with your caregiver. Don’t exceed the safe upper limit of 4,000 IU, and don’t take cod liver oil: it also contains dangerously high levels of vitamin A.

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