Classic skipping songs

Get your kids active with these fun childhood jump-rope favourites


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We’ve got the lyrics to eight of your favourite skipping songs:

Apples, Peaches, Pears and Plums
Apples, peaches, pears and plums,
Jump out when your birthday comes,
Is it January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
(Child jumps out when their birthday month is called)

Bluebells, cockle shells, eevy ivy over!
My mother sent me to the store
And this is what she sent me for:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5…
(Keep counting to see which child can skip the longest)

California Oranges
California oranges, 50 cents a pack,
California oranges, tap me on the back!
(A second jumper comes in and tags the first, who leaves, then repeat the song)

Cinderella dressed in yella,
Went upstairs to see her fella,
Made a mistake and kissed a snake,
How many doctors did it take?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5…
(Count jumps out loud until jumper stops jumping)

High, Low, Medium, Slow
High, low, medium, slow,
Jolly ol’ pepper and away we go!
(Turn the rope according to the words: “High” – the skipping rope is a foot off the ground; “Low” – the skipper bends down to skip; “Medium” – normal skipping; “Slow” – slow skipping; “Pepper” – really fast skipping)

Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry shortcake, blueberry pie,
Who’s gonna be my lucky guy?
(Repeat the letters of the alphabet until the skipper gets caught in the rope. If she gets caught on T, then, your “lucky guy’s” name will start with T)

Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
Turn around (skipper turns around)
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
Touch the ground (skipper touches the ground)
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
Tie your shoe (skipper hits his shoe)
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
How old are you?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5…
(Continue counting out loud. The skipper jumps out when his age is called)

Vote, Vote, Vote for Dear
Vote, vote, vote for dear _____ (insert name of jumper)
Who’s that knocking at your door?
Well if it’s ______ let her in (1st jumper calls out a name and the new person jumps in)
Then we’ll sock her in the chin
And we won’t vote for _____ any more (name of 1st jumper)
Two, four, shut the door, jump out (1st jumper gets out)
(Repeat with name of person left jumping.)

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2 comments on “Classic skipping songs

  1. California Poppy
    California oranges, 50 cents a pack,
    California Poppy, tap me on the back!
    (A second jumper comes in and tags the first, who leaves, then repeat the song)

    This is how we sang it in Lompoc, CA way back in the day


  2. All through public school I spent so many of my recesses jumping rope, from about grade one or two it was double dutch. After spending a lot of time at my children’s school this year I was dismayed to see almost no one skipping, maybe the odd girl hopping around the yard once in a while. SOOOOOO SAD. I taught my boys, 5 and 9, how to skip, turn the ropes, jump-in and out and run through. It just took a couple nights after dinner and they love it. Once in a while I got to school at recess to skip with the kids. My son and I each take an “end” and start turning the ropes, before you know it we have about a dozen kids, mostly girls but a few boys too, join us. Skipping is simple but it isn’t easy and kids just need someone to show them how it is done.


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