Who does the special needs “case management” at your house?

Amy is looking for advice on how to juggle conflicting schedules, work arrangements and special needs parenting.

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Photo by Ava Lowery via Flickr

Recently I spoke with a friend who has two kids with special needs. As well as working full-time, she manages her kids’ school meetings, therapy appointments, advocacy phone calls, paperwork and life-skills teaching. Even though her hubby’s involved, these kinds of “case management” tasks fall to her. Plus, she’s the chief household cook and laundress — and she’s getting fried.

In our case, Jack is very involved in Tal’s life. He’s even been known to jump into the pool as Talia’s exercise partner at a Y aquafit class. Because of Jack’s work schedule, it’s always been tricky for him to attend meetings and therapy appointments. Even though he’s a hands-on dad, the planning, advocacy, therapies and paperwork of special needs parenting often fall to me — especially since I work from home. The more I talk to “special needs moms,” the more I hear about similar arrangements. And moms are getting awfully tired.

Your turn: Who handles most of the “special needs case management” tasks in your house? Any advice for juggling it all and staying organized? 

Photo by Ava Lowery via Flickr


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