Cool backpacks for kids

Our picks for backpacks your kids will love.


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11 comments on “Cool backpacks for kids

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  2. I highly recommend the backpacks from Pottery Barn Kids. My kids are tough on things, and these withstood a whole school year and still going strong. They are well worth the price.


  3. I must say I am disappointed in this article. many of the packs are not suitable for “school” perhaps preschool, and are outrageously expensive. Also those who design backpacks with flaps and buckles for young kids I believe is not a parent. lol… you missed some of the best ones out there by not showing those from LLBean and Lands End…


    • I highly agree with you…. My kids have backpacks from LL Bean and Lands’ End…. They will easily last several years! One I have from LL Bean is just now getting holes in it, and it has been used for over five years. You can usually find backpacks in their clearance sections. I know I have only paid $15-$25 for backpacks — the same you would pay for a cheaply-made one that will maybe last you one year.

      Jansport is also a good brand….


  4. No hip straps?? Children of all ages NEED hip straps to avoid back stress and latent back injury. What parents need is for backpack companies to have chiropractors as consultants.


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  7. You’ve done it again!!! These are perhaps preschool back packs, Not school ager appropriate for the most part. And again missing some of the better quality bags – LL Bean, Lands End, Pottery Barn, Garnet Hill, Under Armour… you need to expand your search…


  8. MEC backpacks are great, my kids have used various sizes as they have moved from preschool to elementary years. We have tried to occasional branded (i.e. Hello Kitty) but the top loop strap breaks immediately, a real hassle when you need to hang them on a hook at school. The MEC packs hold up, are washable, available in different sizes and the front buckle doubles as a whistle…well worth the cost.


  9. We where so excited to got a skip-hop bag for SK last year… Then the teacher called me and requested that I buy a bigger bag because it couldn’t fit the plastic folder they send home everyday.


  10. I bought the most divine animate lit backpacks for my kids from a company called thermaltwist. The lunch bags are detachable which is great and my daughter got the matching water bottle. I must say I love the light up and the fact that I can dishwasher the water bottles as you just never know where they go with them. I am happy but check them out at From Happy Mom lol.


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