Who’s pregnant in Hollywood?

Get in the know! See which of your fave celebrities are pregnant right now (and who recently gave birth). Regularly UPDATED!


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9 comments on “Who’s pregnant in Hollywood?

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  2. But Emily gave birth 4 months ago??!?


    • Yes, she did! And if you look – there’s an update in the slide with a link to the article announcing she gave birth. This gallery includes new babies, too (the second half of the gallery). Thanks, Amalia!


  3. Umm…Kristen Bell is not 39 she’s like 32 or 33


    • Thanks Ashley – That was an unfortunate typo (for Kristen). Dax is 39… 😉


  4. Chelsea Clinton is part of Hollywood now? Really? What movie or TV show was she in? More Hillary publicity for the low information voters.


  5. Interesting they put Chelsea in the same category as Hollywood. But maybe again, that makes total sense when you think about it. Actress.


  6. I know you are Canadian, but you do realize Chelsea Clinton is not in Hollywood, right?


  7. Re Chelsea Clinton: We put the Duchess of Cambridge in this gallery – it’s really a collection of celebrities who are pregnant. I’ll make a note in the gallery that I KNOW she’s not Hollywood. 😉 ~Haley


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