Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck & baby Samuel prepare to travel

Check out Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and their newborn son Samuel out walking in LA, as they prepare to go abroad for work.

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We haven’t seen our friend Jennifer in a long time!

Here she is, looking fabulous, in a loose green button-down, comfortable jeans and her signature flats.

Hubby Ben Affleck, 39, doesn’t look so bad himself. And what is he — a basketball player? Trust me when I tell you Jennifer Garner isn’t short, and he’s towering over her.

Anyway, Jennifer, 40, and Ben are photo’d here out and about Los Angeles, California, with their little guy, 4-month-old Samuel. Apparently, they’re leaving the US for work, and off to get Samuel his passport.


Wonder where they’re travelling…. Wherever it is, they’ve picked a great time to leave the country now that school’s out.

DISCUSS: Is today your kids’ last day of school too (like mine)? Are you going away at all?

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