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  1. Thanks for finally talking about >Baby Namer <Loved it!

  2. my child dosnt go to school so because am a single parent unemployed i realy want my child to go to school

  3. This is a just a handy tip for anyone who may ever have a toddler put a raisin or other small item up their noise-it just might save you a very inplesant trip to the ER. When my niece was 2 she put a raisin way up her nose. After trying all the usual advice tips (including try to force it out by blowing into the other nostril) the only option left was the ER room. It was close to her bedtime so I decided to give her a bath and get her into her jammies then head off to the hospital. Fortunately she was extremely ticklish and giving her a through bath was always a challenge. Well as soon as the squirming and laughing started out flies the raisin. Believe it or not a week later she did the same thing..with a bead this time. A quick tickle and problem solved. I hope this will help uthers when they have the same problem.

  4. Right now it’s best to put your child in public school. No matter how bad your local public school is. Learning something is better than nothing.
    Start a go fund me page. You will need money to pay for bills.
    Go fund me doesn’t have prizes for donors like kickstarter so all you need to do is create a go fund me page and a money goal amount and wait for people to start donating.

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